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Q: What is the most watched sport on tv in Australia?
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What is most watched television sport?


What is the most watched sport on TV in America?


What is the most watched sport event on tv?

The Super Bowl

What is the most watched sport on TV in the world?

soccerActually I believe the current most watch sport "on TV" is Formula 1 Racing. 527 million people watched F1 in 2010

What is the most watched sport on tv on earth?

Soccer, the world cup mainly.

What is the most watched sport on tv in the UK?

Football with ver 25 million viewers every week

Most watched sports in the UK?

The Most Watched Sports in the UK is Football, only because you cant get away from it, its always on the TV, the second most watched sport at the moment is Cricket when Football is not on that is, but if you would like to know what the second most popular sport is. well its Hockey ("Field") after Football that is but unfortunately it is hardly on the TV at all and Rubgy, Cricket is probably in the top 5

What is the most watched on tv single sporting event in the world?

the most watched sport worldwide is soccer because soccer is EVERYWHERE on earth and the world cup every 4 years is watched EVERYWHERE so soccer is your answer

Why was baseball the most popular sport in the 1950's?

Baseball was the most popular sport in the 1950s in the US because it was one of the first sports to be broadcast on television. Millions of people watched baseball on television or listened to the games on the radio.

What sport is the most watch on television?

Pro FootballThis answer includes the whole world.The most watched sport in the world would be Football(soccer) with 3.5 billion fans according to a late 2010 survey.

How many people watch sport on TV in Australia?

60 percent of the people, in Australia, watch sports on television. The most popular sport watch is soccer. World Cup soccer has the highest ratings of any sports.

Which is the most watched TV network in the US?

ABC is the most watched channel in the fall.

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