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depends where in the country u live

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Q: What is more popular waterskiing or snow skiing?
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Is water skiing or snow skiing more popular in US?

I think that it just depends where you are. In Colorado, I can almost guarantee that snow skiing is more popular than water skiing. If you are on the coasts or have a large mass of water in your state, and no mountains, then water skiing will be more popular than snow skiing.

Which is safer water skiing or snow skiing?

These two sports are both dangerous when you get to higher speeds. But the one sport that you can control more of is waterskiing. You can tell the boat driver to go faster or slower, or if you just want to stop you can let go of the rope and sink into the water. Where as if you want to stop in snow skiing and your a beginner then you will have to sit on your butt and thats not fun after a while. So, waterskiing is much safer because there are more things you can control, but that does not mean that there aren't any risks when eventually if you reach 36mph and you fall you can have a pretty nasty injury.

Where is snow skiing more popular today?

Because it's cheaper and more convenient. Take St. Anton for example you can fly into Innsbruck airport at eight o'clock and can be skiing by lunch time once you have hired skis.

You can do this on snow or water?

you can go skiing.... snow skiing or water skiing

Where did water skiing become an invention?

Waterskiing was invented in 1922 by 18 year old Ralph Samuelson in Lake City Minnesota on Lake Pepin . He stated that if you could ski on snow, you could ski on water.

Why is Skiing popular in winter in Itaty?

It is popular because there are so many ski resorts with so much snow.

What is the popular sports on the mountain region in California?

Snow skiing, snow mobile, hunting, and fishing. a lot of camping and hiking too!

Why is skiing so popular in Finland?

There is 6 months snow in some areas in Finland annually. Skiing is easy way to move e.g in forest.

Can you go snow skiing in Colorado or Louisiana?

Colorado because it has more snow than Louisiana.

What is more injury causing snow skiing or water skiing?

I'm not like a professional but I'm pretty sure water is a whole lot softer than packed snow.

What is a popular winter sport in Okemo VT?

Because Vermont is a rather snow filled state, it can be inferred that some popular winter sports include skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, slalom skiing, and ice sculpting.

What is the difference between snow skiing and water skiing?

in water skiing you have a handle

Can you get sunburned while skiing on snow?

Yes, definitely. Since the sun reflects snow back up at you, and you are usually at a higher elevation when skiing, you might even burn more easily.

Who gets more snow for skiing Colorado or New Mexico?


5 most popular sports in Canada?

Canada's most popular sports are Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Football, and snow boarding, and Skiing.

What is the phobia for skiing?

Chionophobia is the phobia of skiing/snow.

Which one is cooler skiing or snow boarding?

Coming from a snowboarder, Skiing is by far easier and warmer but snowboarding is way more fun.

What is faster skiing or snow boarding?


What is a good title for an essay about skiing?

skiing or snow adventure

Is the skiing any good in April?

It really depends where you are. Sometimes, April brings heavy snow, and skiing is fab, yet you can ski in a place where the snow is iffy, and the skiing quality will be iffy as well. If all of the snow is melted, remember that skiing will be hard !

Can you go skiing on Atlas Mountains?

you can go skiing anywhere in the world that has snow or artificial snow surfaces

What are different kinds of skiing?

There are two main parts of skiing which are sand skiing and snow skiing. classes include trick skiing and freestyle skiing.

What is an example of seasonal unemployment?

Skiing instructors: they teach skiing to people when there is snow, when the snow is gone, there job is lost

Do you have facts about snow avalanches?

They kill, hurt, and make skiing and snowboarding more fun!

How is water skiing and snow skiing alike?

they are both sports