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I'm not like a professional but I'm pretty sure water is a whole lot softer than packed snow.

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Q: What is more injury causing snow skiing or water skiing?
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What is the most common skiing injury?

You're going to find more knee injuries for skiing than any other type of injury. Specifically, ACL are the most common type of knee injury incurred from skiing.

Is water skiing or snow skiing more popular in US?

I think that it just depends where you are. In Colorado, I can almost guarantee that snow skiing is more popular than water skiing. If you are on the coasts or have a large mass of water in your state, and no mountains, then water skiing will be more popular than snow skiing.

Is water skiing dangerous?

A more appropriate question would be, "Could water skiing be dangerous"? Yes, the sport can be dangerous. However, the same could be said about virtually any sport. The more tricks you perform, the more risk you assume. Also, a bad boat driver could increase your risks of injury as well. Just remember, it is still much much safer than the drive to the lake. You can take safety precautions such as wearing a water helmet and life vest. Water skiing is both challenging and extremely fun. I say get out there and rip it up!

Is water skiing a hyphenated word?

Water Skiing is only hyphenated when it serves as an adjective. Examples: Water skiing Water-skiing dock (Adjective) Water-skiing adventure )Adjective) This rule applies to any two, three, four or more stream of words. Example: I joined the Once-in -a-Lifetime-Crazy-Kids club.

Which is safer water skiing or snow skiing?

These two sports are both dangerous when you get to higher speeds. But the one sport that you can control more of is waterskiing. You can tell the boat driver to go faster or slower, or if you just want to stop you can let go of the rope and sink into the water. Where as if you want to stop in snow skiing and your a beginner then you will have to sit on your butt and thats not fun after a while. So, waterskiing is much safer because there are more things you can control, but that does not mean that there aren't any risks when eventually if you reach 36mph and you fall you can have a pretty nasty injury.

How many sports involve playing in water?

swimming, canoeing, water skiing and maybe more, (have people add more) :)

What are somethings you can do in wapusk national park?

water skiing and many many more.

Why do you have to have your arm in a sling if you hurt your shoulder?

to stop your arm moving around and causing the injury more pain, it keeps it more secure.

What is crosscontry skiing?

*Cross country* skiing is where you are skiing on flat terrain. It's much more work than skiing down a hill.

Which is more dangerous skating or skiing?

it depends if u are skiing in certain areas than skiing but i think skiing is more dangerous and in skating you might be able to bruise yourself, maybe brake a bone but in skiing you can shatter bones but if your looking for a sport to do nothing beats skiing, what an adrenaline rush

Who is Ralph Samuelson?

He was the inventor of water skiing. Use the link below to get more information on him.

What type of sports does Italy have?

Soccer handball basketball water skiing snowboard ski and many more

Which is more expensive skiing or snowboarding?

Skiing is more expensive because the cost of equipment is that much greater.

Why cant you drink sea water?

It is not a good idea to drink sea water because of the large amounts of salt. The salt can dehydrate your cells causing you to urinate more water then you just consumed causing even more dehydration.

Is snow skiing more dangerous than water skiing?

They are both dangerous, a proper training is the best way to avoid danger. So before you try any of it better to have a proper training first.

What is the definition of aggravated assault?

"The definition of aggravated assault is a person attempting to or causing serious bodily harm to another individual. Or causing an injury on purpose. The legal definition has more information, however, this is the basic definition."

What is more popular in 2010 snoawboarding or skiing?

Skiing is much more popular. In Europe where most skiing is done are the snowboarders just a few percent of all people in a ski resort.

Does water skiing take more skill than swimming?

Definitely. It's a whole new sport. It takes a while to learn how to get out of the water and keep balanced.

What would be more easy water skiing or knee boarding?

They're pretty much the same. It will depends on you if which sport you will like.

You fall when skiing behind a boat. What should you do to help the boat operator spot you more quickly?

Hold one ski up out of the water.

Is it more cost effective to travel within your own country to go skiing?

Skiing in the United Kingdom does not work out more cost effective. You will still have to pay travel costs to Scotland. Skiing conditions are more variable in Scotland. You are likely to have a much better skiing experience in a budget skiing resort in Europe. If you can self cater and take your own equipment costs will be lower.

How is global warming causing an increase in the severity of weather storms?

Its causing an increase in the severity in storms by having an increase in water vaporization causing storms to get more severe.

What sports do costa ricans play?

they play a lot of footbal-soccer. they hae a lot of water activities like scuba diving, fishing, water skiing, white water rafting, and more.

Are humans causing more harm or less harm towards water pollution?

humans are causing more harm on water pollution,because they some times use water carelesly e.g by polluting the water with waste materials and washing in the rivers also by the flow of chemical waste from mining to the river

Which is more popular skiing or snowboarding and by how much?

Skiing is by far more popular than snowboarding. But people are starting to pick up snowboarding more because it only takes about 3 days to learn as opposed to skiing, which takes years to perfect. I work at a ski resort and we have seen the rise of snowboarders, which in some cases, out number skiiers, but i personally like skiing more.