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Q: Which sport wears more equipment ice hockey or football?
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Who wears more pads football or hockey?

hockey because they need support from the puck in every place hockey because they need support from the puck in every place

What is the equipment that is needed for the game of Football?

Football, Sports Wears, Shin Guard, Goal Post and many more.

What sport does Matt Stafford play?

Matt Stafford plays football on the Detroit Lions. He is a quarterback and wears #9.

What is the average weight of all the football equipment a high school player wears?

The average weight of all football pads and other equipment for a high school football player is around 25 pounds. The helmet itself weighs around 2.5 to 3 pounds.

What is the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull?

Hockey Mom wears Lipstick

What is is the technical name for the kind of mask Jason wears in Friday the 13th?

Jason wears a hockey mask.

What wears harry styles when he plays football?

he wears skinny jeans

In which sport does the coach wear a uniform?

Baseball is a sport that the coach wears a uniform.

What hockey player wears number 22?

Steve Bégin

In ice hockey the player who wears a c on his or her jersey?

The captain

What sport wears metal shoes?


Is a football goalkeeper wears a helmet?

Goalkeepers in football do not wear helmets.

What football player wears a 28 on their football jersey?

adrian peterson

Who wears the biggest helmet in football?

Justin Tuck - DE for the NYG wears a XXXL

What football players wears the number 26?

who wears number 26 on ny jets

Which famous ice hockey player wears the number 9?


Who wears a hockey mask in Freddy vs Jason?

Jason Jason

Who wears number 3 in hockey?

Dion Phaneuf, Calgary Flames

What kind of helmet does Carlos from BTR wear?

He wears a hockey helmet

What Olympic sport wears electronic socks?


Who wears jersey?

all football players

What football player wears a number 21 football jersey?

LaDainian Tomlinson

Who wears jersey number 11 for the Dallas Cowboys football team?

Roy E. Williams wears #11 for the 2009 Dallas Cowboy football team

Who wears number 12 in hockey?

#12 Robert Nilsson - Edmonton Oilers

Who wears the biggest ice hockey skates?

Zdeno Chara - size 12.