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American football more positions and better contact

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Q: What is more popular Ice hockey or American Football?
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Is hockey more popular than football?

Yes, Hockey is more popular then (American) football on a global scale. The United States are the only country that plays this kind of football and hockey is played in over 25 Countries.

What is sport is more popular hockey or football?


What is more popular football or hockey?

foot ball

Is basketball more popular than football?

Football (Soccer) and American Football is more popular than basketball

What sport is more popular soccer or ice hockey or football?


What is more popular basketball or football in the world?

If by football you mean American football, then basketball is far more popular. If by football you mean soccer, then soccer is more popular. Soccer is the most popular in the world.

Are there more injuries in football or hockey?

There Is More Injuries IN Football Than Hockey, Hockey Has Less

What is the most popular sport in USA?

This is really oppinionated. But think American football is the most popular. I think american football is more popular sports among citizens. Even though in China, talk most is the NBA. but in real citizens life, American football is more popular:)

Is hockey or football watched more?


Which is more dangerous football or hockey?

Hockey is a lot more dangerous than football. But football is still reallly dangerous.

Do more people watch tennis or football?

either football, that is American football or English football, both are more popular than tennis.

What are some of the more popular sports?

Some of the more popular sports, depending on which country you're from, would include American football, football (soccer), baseball, basketball, rugby, ice hockey, Australian rules football. Even though some sports are not very popular, it really comes down to where you live. For example, take auto racing, NASCAR is popular in the United States, but Formula One is more popular outside the US.

Does football have more padding than hockey?

Hockey has more padding

Which sports are more popular in America than in other countries?

football, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf

Which country is Hockey more popular?

Canada is the most popular for hockey

Is hockey third most popular sport in the world?

There really is no official list of the most popular sports but I would say hockey is not the third most popular sport in the world. Baseball, basketball, football , and soccer are all more popular but i would say hockey is close behind.

What is England's national game?

Football is probably more popular. (That's soccer, not American Football!)

What is England's national game?

Football is probably more popular. (That's soccer, not American Football!)

Which is more popular hockey or basketball?


What is more popular American football or soccer?

It is soccer of course, you see American football is popular in the U.S.A only, soccer is a world wide game , even ladies.

Is netball more popular than hockey?

Hockey is more popular by 7000 teams

Who pays more football or hockey?

football, more people are into that sport

What is the history of wealth and power in popular sports?

baseball is expensive football is even more expensive hockey is outrageous

Witch sport is more athletic football or hockey?


Who has more fans football or hockey in the us?

Football definitley