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Baron Davis has the longest in game record of 92 feet but with 98 attempts Kevin Love made a 94 footer on sports science.

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Q: What is longest basketball shot ever made?
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What female made the longest shot ever by a female basketball player?

Ashley harding record is 77 ft

What is the world record for longest basketball shot?

There really is no held record for the longest basketball shot.

How far is the farthest basketball shot made by a kid?

The farthest shot was in 2002 by Justin Phoenix it was 94 feet and 5.5 inches giving Justin the record for the worlds longest basketball shot.

Longest archery target shot ever made?

Approx. 500 metres

What is the 2 longest rifle shot ever made?

@ 2000 and 2400 M

What sniper rifle has the longest range?

The longest sniper rifle shot ever confirmed was at a range of exactly 8,120ft. The shot was made with a Accuracy International L115A3 sniper.

Longest basketball shot made?

Kevin Love, 90ft, brating the precious record(baron Davis) of 89ft

What is the longest jump shot ever made in NBA history?

Baron Davis once made an 89 ft shot against the Bucks in Nov. 2001.

What is the farthest shot made in basketball?

The farthest shot ever made in basket ball history was in 1916 by Tim Scarth shooting a basket ball 120 feet.

Who made the longest shot in NBA basketball history and what team did he play for?

heatfan he made it from the 3pt line. intense

Longest shot ever made with a 22 magnum rifle?

Accurate and effective to about 175-200 yards.

Longest shot in basketball?

100 yards by a teenager age 13.

What was Kobe Bryant's longest shot in 1999?

The longest shot he has ever taken was 9,892 miles from Japan to Saudi Arabia.

What basketball shot was made illegal in 1967?

there is no such thing as an illegal shot, at least not in american basketball

Who was the the first college basketball player to ever make a three-point shot?

Ronnie Carr...He played for Western Carolina...He made the shot on Nov. 29, 1980

Alabama basketball longest shot george Lynn foster auditorium?

84 ft, 11 inches

What is the longest distance a marine sniper ever shot a target from?

The longest distance that a marine sniper has ever shot a target from is 2286 meters. This was accomplished in February 1967 using .50 BMG ammunition.

Where is the most made shot in basketball?

In the paint

Who made the first basketball shot?

Ozzy Sheckman made the first basket in 1946

Who has shot perfect from the field in basketball?

Hundreds of basketball players have ended a game by making every shot they had attempted from the field. All it takes is one made shot to be perfect.

Who made the longest shot in the NBA?

Ray Allen

What was the longest shot made with a bow?

200 yards

Who made the first three point shot in basketball?

Ronnie Carr of Western Carolina made college basketball's first 3-point shot in 1980. Chris Ford of the Boston Celtics made the NBA's first 3-point shot in 1979.

What is the longest shot ever recored with a 338 lapua mag?

375,000 yards

Whats the fastest possible shot in basketball?

the fastest shot ever in basket ball was 0.01 that's how much time was left on the clock when he shot and made it to win the game after that they made a rule saying that u canot shoot if the clock has 0.03 or lower on the clock hope this helps u