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Q: Who made the longest shot in NBA basketball history and what team did he play for?
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What is the meaning of offensive play in basketball?

Any play made when a team has possession of the basketball.

Who is the best basketball player ever in history?

Michael Jordan Was The Best To Ever Play The Game Of Basketball.

How has technology effected basketball?

technology has simply made basketball easier to play and absolutely funner to play.

Why was the NBA made?

So pros can play basketball

What made yao ming want to play basketball?

because his parents where basketball players and he had it in his blood

Conclusion to basketball?

what are the 5 best players that played in basketball history?

What is Michael Jordan's favorite hobby?

to play Basketball

What is the longest amount time a player should keep possession of the ball in basketball before passing to a teammate?

a player can hold it for 5 seconds and dribble it for 10 seconds then he has to make a basketball play

What basketball games can you play with two players?

one on one, horse, who can dribble the longest, who can shoot as many shots from wherever in _____ tries and ............ yeah

What is the longest video game?

"Pong" is officially known as the longest video game in history. Scientists did tests on it and concluded that with the game's intense action and enhanced graphics, and it's amazing online play, "Pong" was voted as the Longest game in Video game History.

Is Michel Jordan in black history?

yesbecause in wikipedia is says he was the first african american to play basketball.

Which team has the longest 3 point shot streak in NCAA basketball history and what team did he play for?

Princeton, UNLV and Vanderbilt are the only teams to make at least one 3 pointer in every game since the 3 point shot came into existence in '87.