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Q: What do you have to hit the ball over to get four runs?
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In cricket how many runs would you get if the ball is hit over the fence?

If the ball is hit over the boundary on the full, 6 runs are awarded to the batsman.

What is four in cricket?

A four is when you hit the ball and it rolls, or bounces, over the ring forming the boundary

What does the batsman have to do to score six runs?

To score six runs, a batsmen must hit the ball over the boundary rope without it coming into contact with the ground. However, it is possible to score six runs if you hit the ball, run for two, and then the ball is overthrown to the boundary for four more runs. It is also possible to score a six by running three, then the ball being overthrown and then running three more or running six runs after hitting the ball

What does batsman have to do to score six runs?

To hit a six, the batsman must hit the cricket ball over the boundry rope without the ball touching the ground.

How do you hit a cricket ball for six?

By hitting the ball over the boundary without the ball touching the ground before hand. If the ball touches the ground before the boundary but goes over it, it scores four.

Is your team allowed to hit the ball four times before hitting it over the net?

No, your are only allowed to hit the ball three times, unless the first was a touch at the block.

How many runs are scored from a free hit if the players complete 2 runs but the ball is then caught?

only 2 runs because in free hit a batsman facing the ball can't be caught out but he can run out in free hit ball. So if players have completed 2 runs before the ball was caught then only 2 runs they will get.

Can you reach over the net to hit a tennis ball?

No you cannot reach over the net to hit a tennis ball...

How do you score runs in cricket?

you take runs by running between the wickets, and if you hit the ball to the boundary rope, you get 4 runs if it touches/goes over it with bouncing, and 6 if it goes over without bouncing.

In cricket when a ball is hit for four what is the line the ball crosses over called?

Its commonly called the "boundary rope" (even if the actual material is not made of rope!)

Name the batsman who has hit the most runs in a single over in any IPL match?

Chris Gayle. He hit 30 from 5 balls in an over. The other batsman (Saurabh Tiwary) scored 1 of the first ball of the over. Overall = 31 runs.

How many infield fly home runs?

that is impossible because if you hit an infield fly then your out and the ball is in the in field not over the wall.

Did Babe Ruth hit four home runs in one game?

Believe it or not, but Ruth never hit four home runs in a game.

In hockey what happens when the ball is hit over by an attacker?

Over what? If it is hit over the sideline the other team gets a free hit from where the ball went out. If it is hit over the backline the defense receives a free hit inside the field. if it is hit over a player, the other team gets a free hit for dangerous play.

What is a run in baseball?

A ball hit over the fence

A ball that is hit clean out of the ground scores how many runs?

6 runs. if its a legal delivery.

When a ball is hit out of the ground how many runs do you score?

only 6

When playing volleyball a team can hit the ball up to how many times before sending the ball over the net?

3 times. on the third hit the ball must go over the net

What is an attack hit in Volleyball?

an attack hit in volley ball is when you spike the ball over and did it right from the attack line aggressively!!

How many times can a team hit the ball in volleyball?

You can hit the ball 3 times on each side of the net you want a pass, set, then hit then you repeat that process over and over again

When can a player hit the ball twice in volleyball?

Never unless you spike the ball over the opponent blocks it and you can hit the block the ball they blocked again. Whenyou do hit the ball again I suggest you it it slightly backwards.

How many times is a volleyball player allowed to hit the ball in a row?

only once but say u hit the ball and then sombody else hits the ball and then you hit the ball over the net then that's fine.

You had that there is a situation for 7runs per ball Can anybody explian the situations behind that pl?

When a batsman hits sixer on a no-ball its 7 runs per ball. Although no-ball is not counted in over but it is said that 7 runs are scored on 1 ball. *** Threre's an example of a batsman getting 7 runs off 1 legal ball,when in Australia(2006),Australia and England were playing in an ashes test,flintoff bowled to Michael clarke and he hit down to mid on,which hoggard went to chase down,the batsman took 3 runs in meanwhile.hoggard chased the ball and threw to pieterson,then pieterson,unnecessirilly,threw the ball to the wicketkeeper who completely missed that one and the ball went on to b a four,so it was 7 runs as a whole to Clarke off 1 legal ball. Also, recently Andrew Symonds scored 8 on one delivery; the ball was stopped short of the boundary while they ran four, then was overthrown for the others.

Can a backcourt player bump ball in the front court over the net?

yes any one can hit the ball over

Who was the last player to hit four home runs in a single game?

Carlos Delgado was, who hit four home runs for the Toronto Blue Jays on September 25th, 2003.