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Q: How many grandslam in lawn tennis?
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How many points are in a win tennis grandslam?

If Federer wins a grandslam he gets 9000 points. Other people will get around a 100 points.

How many players in a lawn tennis doubles?

there are 4 players in lawn tennis doubles.

What are the information of lawn tennis?

lawn tennis is a tennis

How many points to win a game in lawn tennis?

we need 4 points to win a game in lawn tennis

Which tennis athlete has won the grandslam titles?

john mc enroe

Where is lawn tennis played?

lawn tennis is usually played on a lawn, which is grass

What is lawn tennis?

lawn tennis is tennis. It was the original name when tennis courts were made with grass

Is rohan bopanna a table tennis or a lawn tennis player?

Lawn Tennis

When discovered lawn tennis?

when was lawn tennis invented

Which british player recently won his first tennis grandslam singles title and also became the first male player of UK to win tennis open tournament?

Andy Murray. But he wasn't the first U.K. player to win a Grandslam.

Who was the first man to win tennis grand slam?

Don Budge (USA) is the first man to win tennis grandslam.

Davis cup is associated with which sport lawn tennis or table tennis?

Lawn tennis

Who has won the most tennis grandslam singles titles for men?

Andy Murray,

What is long tennis?

You probably mean "Lawn" tennis. Lawn tennis is simply tennis played on a grass court.

Who hit the infamous grandslam single?

who cares about tennis skateboarding is all the rage these days

What is a tennis grandslam?

There are 4 big tournaments in tennis and a bunch of smaller ones. These tournaments are known as SLAMS (Australian Open, Rolland Garros, Wimbledon, US Open). If you win all of them in a calendar year, you have completed the GRANDSLAM. Just like baseball is four runs.

How many players playing the lawn tennis?


Is lawn tennis associated with the double fault?

yes lawn tennis and badminton

Who has won most tennis grandslam championship titles men?

ROGER FEDERER (Switzerland) 16Grandslams

Which female tennis player has won the most number of singles grandslam championship?

Martina Navratilova

How many players in lawn tennis in single team?


When was Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum created?

Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum was created in 1977.

When was Orange Lawn Tennis Club created?

Orange Lawn Tennis Club was created in 1880.

When was Vancouver Lawn Tennis Club created?

Vancouver Lawn Tennis Club was created in 1887.

When was Lawn Tennis Association of Australasia created?

Lawn Tennis Association of Australasia was created in 1904.