What is good about football?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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if you are looking for a challenge football is best,football is physical,football is most popular

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Q: What is good about football?
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How good are US at football?

the us are very good at football

What is a good Football prediction system?

A good football prediction system is on BBC sport football

How can you get a scholarship for college football?

be good at football

What are good games to play with a football?


If a boy gos football and he is good on the corners and can do tricks and good at passes is there a good change he could become a football star?

no u gotta be a profesional at everything at football to become a football star

Is Jeff good at fantasy football?

No. He got lucky once, but he is not good at fantasy football.

Is samir nasri a good football player?

yes he is a very good football player

Are football shoes good to play football?


Is Jill and Jack are a good football players correct?

No, Are Jack and Jill good football players is

Which football website is good for kids?

a good football website 4 kids is the AFL website.

How good is Holmes county high school football?

Holmes County football is very good

What is the basic training for football?

you just have to be fast and good at football