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Q: Are football shoes good to play football?
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Can you wear soccer shoes to play football?

Yes you can.

What are good games to play with a football?


How to play good football?


How do you play a good football?


What type of sneakers would be good to play lacrosse in?

Good type of sneakers to play lacrosse are shoes with support to the ankle and with cleats different from the soccer shoes cleats. These type of shoes are the best type of sneakers to play lacrosse.

How good do you have to be to play football for penn state?

real good

What do the football players do with their shoes after the game?

Some of the players will keep their shoes as a good luck charm but there are people who will just get new shoes during their next game.

What kind of shoes do football players use?

Footballers wear cleats, shoes with studs on the bottom to get a good grip in the wet soil.

Can deaf - people play in man united football team?

Yes deaf can play football, in football you need good feet and eyes.

Should LeBron James play football?

Lebron james should play football he is definetly good enough

Why does England play football?

because they think there good at it!!

What sports does south America play?

football mainly , Brazil, Chile, Uruguay ,Argentina all play good football,

Sentence for chide?

"Don't wear your good shoes out to play!" she chided him.

What Shoes Should Men Wear With Knee-Length Shorts?

football socks would be good

Is football a game just for boys?

well who ever sent this is a good one but football is just not for boys because girls can play it all the time even i play it at school im in the football team so if your good at it then you play it s.b

Why should teenagers play football?

the reason why teenagers should play football is because it is a good way to exercise and to stay out of trouble. if you get good at it then you could maybe get a scholarship to play for a college team.

Can soccer shoes be worn for football?

no you can't. Soccer shoes have spikes on theedge, and football shoes just have the spikes in the area of the shoe.......... :P

Does devyn ogle play football?

yes he does and he is realy good at it

How do you get a contract with a pro football team?

You play football in high school.If you're good enough in high school,you can get a scholarship to play football in college.If you're really good there you will get drafted to a team and you will get a contract and money.

What do you have to do to be a NFL quarterback?

play college football and be good in it...then get drafted to the NFL and play as a QB

What are bicep bands for on football players?

Swag. Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good.

What kind of shoes dose a football player wear?

gym shoes or soccer shoes

Can you use baseball shoes as football shoes?

no,because soccer shoes are more strong

How can you play in an English football club?

If you mean how to get a contract , you need to go to trails play for a local football team and you will get noticed i started playing for a football club when i was 7 now i am good at football.

What kind of shoes to football players wear?

Football cleats.