How good are US at football?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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the us are very good at football

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Q: How good are US at football?
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How good is US football?

Better than any other kind of football.

What is a good Football prediction system?

A good football prediction system is on BBC sport football

Is football in Poland also football in the US?


Is the sun shaped as a football?

A US football, then No A UK football then Yes

Three interesting fact about us football team?

Alex McCormack is the leader of the world and us football and England lost to them and they taught us how to play football

How can you get a scholarship for college football?

be good at football

What are good games to play with a football?


If a boy gos football and he is good on the corners and can do tricks and good at passes is there a good change he could become a football star?

no u gotta be a profesional at everything at football to become a football star

Which US President coached collage football?

No US Presidents have ever coached collegiate football.