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double chair

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Q: What is first chair in skiing?
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How is heli skiing different from other kinds of skiing?

The difference with Heli Skiing and normal Skiing is normal skiing you have chair lifts and lift lines. Whereas Heli skiing has a helicopter that takes you from the ground right up to the top

What is downhill skiing?

Downhill or Alpine skiing, is a sport in which you ride a chair lift up a mountain and put two planks on your feet. You then slide down on your "skis". There are different kinds of alpine skiing including: freestyle skiing (doing tricks) alpine racing (skiing as fast as you can around gates), and just going out to have fun!

What is the history of skiing?

The First Skiing Skiing may have come from snowshoeing. Though the history of skiing is somewhat obscure, we do know that the first type of skiing was cross country skiing. Down hill skiing evolved later on. The First Ski Poles The first ski poles evolved from walking sticks. They were first used by snowshoers, for balance. Down Hill Skiing Down hill skiing came during a modern era. Sondre Norheim constructed birch bindings, which could be the first stiff bindings. Later on, in 1896, Matthias Zdarsky created firmer bindings. With Zdarsky's bindings, skiers could turn and move about better on skis. Resources Skiing History - The History of Skiing History of Skiing History of skiing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Which came first snowboarding or skiing?


What sports can you do in the winter at the alps mountain?

The sports include cross-country skiing, snow shoes, chair lift, ski lift, snowboard, mountain maps and skiing lessons.

How high is the chair lift from the ground in the loading area?

The height of the chair lift depends on the location in which you are skiing. Some resorts have lifts as low as half a meter or as high as one meter.

How high off the ground are do skiing chair lifts get?

normally there about 30 feet. the peak 2 peak gondola at Whistler/blackcomb goes between two mountain tops, but its a gondola, not a chair lift

In modern times where and when was skiing invented?

Skiing was invented and first played at Norway.

When was the first dental chair invented?

when was the first dental chair envented

Who made the first chair?

Bob Peters made the first chair in 1824.

Where does the first chair cello sit?

The first chair 'cello sits to the right of the conductor.

What year was water skiing invented?

In 1922, when Ralph Samuelson of Minnesota first discovered water skiing.

How did the sport skiing originate?

Skiing started as a means of transportation. By it's most basic definition of riding across ground on two sticks, evidence suggests Cro-Magnon man skied. It continued to be used for utilitarian purposes for a long time. Recreational skiing, or the sport of skiing, started developing when the Norwegians held competitions within their military. As civilians became enthralled with the sport, downhill skiing became more popular than the usual cross country skiing. The 1924 Olympics helped with skiing's popularity, and the invention of the chair lift in 1936 increased participation vastly.

What made Colette Bourgonje a hero?

She is an paralympic athlete from Canada. She was injured in a car crash and has gone on to win medals for skiing and wheel chair racing.

Where is skiing is played?

First of all, not to be a hater but skiing is not played, it is just simply done. And skiing happens in every single continent in the world. Even Africa offers some terrain.

When did skiing become a sport?

The first skiing competition was held in January 1862 by "Trysil Skytte- og Skiløberforening" in Norway.

What country played skiing first?

Skis were first invented in Norway.

Where did skiing first origianate?

It was invented in Norway.

Where do violinists sit?

In an orchestra, violinists sit at the left hand of the conductor. The leftmost chair is called the 'first chair violinist', and to the right of that chair is the 'second chair violinist'. Sometimes, the conductor turns over rehearsal leadership to the first chair violinist.

Who invented the first skis and why did they invent them?

The first dated skiing was at Norway, historian tell that Skiing in earlier times were means of transportation. Mailman use to skis in mountains to deliver mails.

What is the life expectancy of a plastic chair?

The life of a plastic chair can be anywhere from 10 to 20 years. It all depends on the quality of the chair in the first place, and if the chair is kept up.

What is the second chair in an orchestra?

There is usually a first and a second chair for each instrument group in the orchestra. The first chair is the more senior and the second chair is the deputy. They are the most regarded players and probably the most likely to be given important parts.

Should a girl get checked after her first time?

first time skiing ey?

When was alpine skiing first in the Olympics?

Germany's 1936 Olympics that is when it first started

What is the difference between a first chair and second chair clarinetist?

In my opinion, the first chair clarinetist is usually the section leader. The can be in charge of sectionals but also tuning the band. There is usually no difference between the first and second chair clarinetist except for playing ability. That is unless they are playing a different part. If the 2nd chair clarinet is playing a different part...there is your difference.