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Long boards are better.

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Q: What is better for riding penny boards or long boards?
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Is penny boards better than eightbit boards?

no the eightbit is thicker and long. that makes eight bit a lot better than penny boards and the eightbit is also cheaper!

What is better long board or penny board?

They are both easy to ride on but in my opinion penny boards are better

Are penny's classed as long-boards or skate boards?

they are cuiser board and are very fun you should buy one

Are long riding boots better than short riding boots?

longer riding boots are better in my opinion as they make riding more comfortable for both horse and rider. Your appearance also looks much better with longer boots.

What is the best longboard for beginners?

Sector 9... he was talking about long boards not skate boards read better next time

What is the difference between a long board and short board in skateboarding?

long boards are for just riding and they go faster Down a hill. Skateboards are meant for tricks.

Are sector 9 skateboards better than blind skateboards?

They are different sector 9 sell long boards and blind sell street boards, I recommend blind.

Can I learn to ride a long board?

Long boards are just as easy or even easier than riding a skateboard. Some people even first learn to ride on a long board before they start using a regular skateboard.

What is the riding difference between bamboo longboards and mahogany longboards?

Longboards are crafted with bamboo in order for flex and durability. Bamboo is usually on boards that are meant for a hold on the rider. The flex of the board allows the rider to be more cushioned with the board, causing less slippage and more grip between the board and the rider. Bamboo is very tough, but it is not recommended for those above 200 lbs. Bamboo boards are also ideal for downhill riding, because of their flex. Non-flex bamboo boards are all-around good boards, because of their long life and strength. Maple/Mahogany is the most common board material, allowing less flex, but more overall stability. These boards are usually pin-tails or Drop-through/Drop-down decks that are used for downhill riding or sliding/free-riding. These boards are good to use for most weight ranges, and can be meant for anything from downhill, to free-riding to just cruising. All-in-all, both types of boards are great. It all just depends on personal preference. Get out there and skate!

What kind of backpacks are used to carry penny skateboards?

You could really use any kind of backpack, as long as they have the straps on the back for the skateboard. Well there is a website for specific bags for boards, which I found one bag for penny skateboards, its an organic bag, because that matters.

Are all the information and announcements found on long boards?

Long boards are actually not a list of information and announcements. The most popular usage of the word long board is used in reference to skate boards.

Where can one buy Christmas bulletin boards?

Bulletin boards can be purchased all year long. If a person was looking for a board that had a Christmas theme they would probably have better luck at Christmas time in the seasonal department of stores.

How long is a penny board?

A Penny Board is about 22 cm long.

What is the average cost of a surfboard?

Short boards $400 - $800 Long Boards $500 -$$$$$$

Is a 9ply skateboard real?

Yes 9 ply is real but better suited for long boards and cruisers where a little additional weight is not an issue. Cameran Crown Collections makes 9 ply Baltic Birch Long boards and cruisers but no 9 ply trick decks as they would be too heavy.

Is horse riding better than a budgie?

Yes, it is much better. What are you going to do with a budgie? Spend money on something you can't do anything with? Spend money on something that screeches all night long?? I wouldn't. I would defnitily prefer horse riding.

Which are better dirt bikes or skateboards?

dirt bikes ! Although skate boards are good, bikes are funner and alot esyer to do jumps and tricks on but long mid boards, like z man and sector 9 are really funn

Are longboards safer than skateboards?

Yes,because long boards has long boards and trucks easy for handling skate board has a little deck and small trucks so you need more balance than long boards but you can make tricks on skate board,long board no.

What is Windsurfing?

The best sport in the world! There are long boards and short boards. I prefer a long board because the wind in my area isn't that plentiful. Windsurfing is like surfing but you have a sail for propellent, so you don't need big waves but with big waves it is a lot funner. the bigger the wind the better!

Information on long boards?

"Long boards are like skate boards, except they're even more fun because you can do more on them. They are longer than a skateboard and twist, so turing and doing stunts is easier."

Is penny a long e sound?

no short e. long e is the first e in the word people. penny does have a long e if your considering the y in penny.

Is horseback riding safe for children?

Horseback riding lessons are safe for children as long as they are being supervised,and the company makes sure their animals are in good health. You could check the specific name of the company with the Better Business Bureau.

Should i get a longboard or penny board?

It depends on your preference, whether you would rather have a smaller board or a larger board. Penny boards are smaller and good for cruising, some may perform tricks with them, but they aren't really made for tricks. Longboards are larger than a skateboard, the trucks are different, and they are great for cruising and coasting long distance.

How many calories do you burn riding a scooter?

It depends on how long you are riding your scooter for

How long should you ride a bike?

Depends on why you're riding. If you're only riding for fun, ride until you're bored, hungry, cold or whatever that makes you think of quitting. If you're riding because you need to get somewhere, better ride until you're there. If you're riding to lose weight, basically ride for as long as you can. Aim for one hour at least If you're riding for fitness, you need to have a plan. Shorter, harder rides mixed with longer, less strenuous ones.