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they are cuiser board and are very fun you should buy one

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Q: Are penny's classed as long-boards or skate boards?
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Are longboards safer than skateboards?

Yes,because long boards has long boards and trucks easy for handling skate board has a little deck and small trucks so you need more balance than long boards but you can make tricks on skate board,long board no.

Are redz bearings compatible with longboards?

yes, any standard skate bearing is compatible with longboards, they both use the same bearings

Is there anywhere in Toronto where i can buy sector 9 longboards?

Cardinal Skate Co.

Which has better quality Tony Hawk skate boards or mongoose skate boards?

tony hawk by a s*** load

Where are abecs on skate boards?


Why were skate boards made?

to have fun

What is the riding difference between bamboo longboards and mahogany longboards?

Longboards are crafted with bamboo in order for flex and durability. Bamboo is usually on boards that are meant for a hold on the rider. The flex of the board allows the rider to be more cushioned with the board, causing less slippage and more grip between the board and the rider. Bamboo is very tough, but it is not recommended for those above 200 lbs. Bamboo boards are also ideal for downhill riding, because of their flex. Non-flex bamboo boards are all-around good boards, because of their long life and strength. Maple/Mahogany is the most common board material, allowing less flex, but more overall stability. These boards are usually pin-tails or Drop-through/Drop-down decks that are used for downhill riding or sliding/free-riding. These boards are good to use for most weight ranges, and can be meant for anything from downhill, to free-riding to just cruising. All-in-all, both types of boards are great. It all just depends on personal preference. Get out there and skate!

Where can you find skateboards for kids?

I've seen skate boards at Toys-R-Us, also at a place called "Bike Barn" in Whitman, MA sells them or you can have a custom Skate Board made at CCS sells all kinds of skate boards, snow boards, skate board gear, pants, jackets, etc., etc. A sports store.

How do you get new boards in Skate 3?

you cant

What goes faster skateboard or longboard?

I believe that longboards travel faster than regular trick boards because I have found that the wheels on the longboard are looser (almost like someone put grease on them). And yes, I do have both types of boards. Also, i do live at the bottom of a big hill so i would probably know. Lastly, you should say ...faster trick board or longboard? because a longboard is a type of skate board.

What is the best skate boards for half-pipes?


How many skateboards are there in the world?

There are exactly 7,900,000,000,000,000 skate boards in the world. there are 3,400,000,000,000 fake boards in the world.

How was invented?

because when skate boards where invented they put bars on it then took two wheels off the skate board then could it a scooter

Should skate boards be allowed on side walks?


Is there enjoi boards in skate 3?

yes but you have to custom make it

What is the best longboard for beginners?

Sector 9... he was talking about long boards not skate boards read better next time

Where are skate baords at?

Usually some towns have skate shops and you can buy boards there for about $60 for the deck only. Maybe $130 for a complete.

What are bolts on skate boards?

The bolts are the things that hold your trucks to your board

What is a pig-wheel?

A brand of wheels for skate boards.

Were to get skateboards in yuba city?

you can buy the skate boards at the mall at zumiez

Is Shaun White vert?

yes he does skate vert with birdhouse boards

How was scootering invented?

because when skate boards where invented they put bars on it then took two wheels off the skate board then could it a scooter

Magic on skate boards?

no its simple matter of popping the board with your foot and jumping

Were do they sale gx skate boards?

You ccould try, and

Are vans good skate shoes?

I like vans because I can feel the boards