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Q: What is ball not tossed in volleyball?
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Why is the ball in volleyball tossed high before it is hit by the dominant hand in the overhand serve?

It is tossed high so the server can get a good start on the serve. If the ball is tossed too low, the server can't adjust as well and won't serve as well. Also, the dominant hand is used to get more power and accuracy.

What is the indirect object your friend tossed the ball to you?

There is no indirect object in the sentence, "Your friend tossed the ball to you."the noun 'ball' is the direct object of the verb 'tossed'The pronoun 'you' is the object of the preposition 'to'If the sentence were written, "Your friend tossed you the ball.", the pronoun 'you' is the indirect object of the verb 'tossed'. The noun 'ball' is still the direct object of the verb 'tossed'.

What happens if the volleyball hits the line in volleyball is it out or in?

If a volleyball hits the line in volleyball, the ball is considered to be in (any part of the ball).

Beach volleyball ball?

beach volleyball is a game you play at the beach with friends or family. beach volleyball ball is a soft ball you play with.

How is a basket ball game started?

the ball is tossed into the air

What was the use of the volleyball?

You mean the ball, the volleyball? To play volleyball of course!

What is palming a volleyball?

Palming a volleyball is holding the ball in one of your hands with the hand holding the ball from the top of the ball.

What is the present tense of 'the pitcher tossed the ball'?

The pitcher tosses the ball.

Why it is called volleyball?

VOLLEYBALL comes from the word VOLLEY which means to bump or hit and a ball is a round hard/soft object.VOLLEY+BALL=VOLLEYBALL. VOLLEYBALL+ME= my life.

Why does a volleyball bounce higher than a soccer ball?

A volleyball is softer than a soccer ball.

What is present tense of catch?

I am currently catching the ball.

How was volleyball played?

With a Ball

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