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the ball is tossed into the air

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Q: How is a basket ball game started?
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How does a basket ball game begin?

a jump ball

What is Justin Bieber's favorite game?

His favorite game is Nda 2k11 (a famous basket ball game series).

What is stool ball of medieval times?

stool ball is a cricket game but with a basket ball.

Is basketball a simple machine?

No, basket ball is a game.

How do you spell basketball in french help?

The game of basket ball in french is just le basket.

Which is the most popular indoor game in us?

basket ball

What are the rules of the game of basketball?

Basketball is a team sport played by teams of five players. You score by throwing the basket ball in the basket. The point value of the basket depends on where the ball was thrown from. The game is divided into twenty minute halves.

How did they make basketball?

it was way back in the middle ages when they had a basket and a ball. The game was much different then but it is still the same concept, getting the ball in the basket. Sir Treson Basket invented it

When did basket ball start?

BASKET BALL WAS CREATED IN THE YEAR 1861 AND STARTED IN THE OLYMPICS IN 1936. It moved on to the YMCA training school in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA in 1891.

What did they use for a basketball when they first started playing?

They used to use a soccer ball as the basketball and a peach basket as the basket the referee would have to climb up and get the soccer ball out of the basket each time someone scored.

What is the that Jim Brown and Jim Kelly stared in?

The Basket ball game

What was the first basketball made of in the first basketball game?

When people started playing basketball they were using a soccer ball and a peach basket. When or if they made it in they would have to clime up something and get the ball out everytime, but then they decided to put a hole in the basket so that the ball would drop through. I hope this is helpful

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