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Another word for a tennis game is a match.

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Q: What is another word for tennis game?
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What is another word for unseeded tennis player?

Unstoppable tennis champion

What is the word for zero in a paddle tennis game?

Love, in tennis or table tennis zero or nothing means love

What is another word for tennis shoes?


Which game is related to the word Drop?

tennis aybe

What does the word match mean for tennis?

The end of the game.

What three word phrase for tennis?

Game, Set, Match.

Why ls let in tennis called let?

It's from the French word roulet , another chance. So let in tennis is to give another chance

How can you play singles tennis on Wii?

You may want to re-word your question by addressing the game that you are talking about in your question. The Wii is a console, not a game, and it doesn't have Tennis, but there are many games for the Wii that have Tennis, but, for example, you can't play tennis with just two people on Wii Sports. So distinguish what game you are talking about.

What does a tennis game start with?

A tennis game starts with a serve.

What is the french word for tennis?

The French word for Tennis is the same as in English: (le) tennis.

The word love in tennis?

In tennis, the word love is used instead of zero. At the begining of each game, the score is love-all or love-love because no one has a point yet.

Which country national game is tennis?

tennis is India's national game.

Who made up the game of tennis?

The Romans made up the game tennis but they used wooden tennis rackets.

Is table tennis the same as ping pong?

Yes it's just another word for it.

When did Tennis - video game - happen?

Tennis - video game - happened in 8801.

When was The Inner Game of Tennis created?

The Inner Game of Tennis was created in 1974.

In a tennis tournament there are 39 entries?

The game of tennis is played with two or four people a game. Thirty nine entries will make the numbers uneven. You have to find another entry or have one person play twice.

Is tennis singular or plural noun?

The noun 'tennis' is an uncountable noun; an aggregate noun, a word representing an indefinite number of elements that make up the game.

What is the French word that means game of the palm?

le jeu de paume (the ancestor of tennis)

What is the origin country for tennis?

The modern game of tennis originated in the United Kingdom in the late 19th century as lawn tennis and had connections to the ancient game of real tennis.

When did the game of tennis start?

The modern game of tennis originated in England in the 19th century.

What is the definition of the word jeu?

Jeu is a French word meaning "game" or "set". It's used often in the game of tennis but can also be used to refer to games such as Monopoly or Twister.

Where did table tennis originally come from?

The game of table tennis has its roots in lawn tennis. When lawn tennis became very popular in the 1870s & 1880s, game makers tried to emulate its' success by developing indoor versions of the game. David Foster of England introduced the first action game of tennis on a table in 1890. The game of table tennis has its roots in lawn tennis.

Where would a tennis game be played?

on a tennis court

What is the plural of the word tennis?

no plural is there for tennis