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Game, Set, Match.

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Q: What three word phrase for tennis?
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What is a three-word tennis phrase?

Lingering death tiebreak and sudden death tiebreak.

What is a three letter word for a tennis swing?


A three letter word tops in tennis?


What is a three letter word for a group of tennis games?


What is a three letter word for a string used in tennis or fishing?


What three word phrase includes the word fancy as the last word?

Strike your fancy

Who can unscramble this word furaoctnrellilsstoiI its a three word phrase?

Actor trifles illusion.

What three word phrase summarizes Darwin?

descent with modification

What is the definition of the word UFO?

UFO is not a word. It is a TLA (three-letter-acronym) for the three-word-phrase "Unidentified Flying Object".

Which three letter word is the name given to a replayed point in tennis?


Is beneath a prepositional phrase?

No beneath is a proposition. A phrase is two or three words not one word. beneath the waves - is a prepositional phrase.

How can you describe a basketball with a three word prepasistion phrase?

Make it happen

What is a phrase that the first word is three letters and begins with an i?

I'll be back

What three word phrase begins with the letter a?

ars gratia artis

What is the french word for tennis?

The French word for Tennis is the same as in English: (le) tennis.

Triplets three words to form a compound word or phrase What word links these three words dropping-maiden-tag?


How do you say soul resonance in japanese?

The English two-word phrase "soul resonance" can be translated in to a three-word phrase in Japanese. It translates to "Tamashi no kyomei".

What three word phrase starts with an o and ends with an e?

one on one

What is Executive Management System?

It's a three-word phrase with no semantic content

Three word phrase for occasionally?

once in awhile 'Now and Then' is a good one.

What three-word phrase is another name for Halloween?

All Saint's Eve

What would be a 'word phrase' for 3r-1?

the answer is three to a number minus one

A simple sentence containing a verbal phrase?

Verbal phrase is a verbal with all its modifiers, but short of a subject. For example, in a sentence, "PLAYING TENNIS is a hobby among youth", 'playing tennis' is a verbal phrase.

What is the plural of the word tennis?

no plural is there for tennis

Where to find three score and three in the King James Bible?

In the King James version The word - threescore - appears 93 times, but the phrase - threescore and three - does not appear at all the phrase - three score and three - does not appear at all