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Americans call it soccer, however in Europe and through out the would it is known as football. For example in spanish it called futbal.

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Q: What is another name for a soccer game?
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What is name of a player who replaces another player during the game of soccer?


Why did they call the game soccer soccer?

It comes from Association Football. It was shortened to assoc. Then this was changed to soccer. It isn't called football in the U.S because they already had another sport with the same name.

What the name of that soccer game where your the manager and it cant be finished?

The name of the soccer game was football.

What is another name for football?

another name for football is soccer.

How many minutes in an soccer game?

In a soccer game there is 90 minutes but if the ref or the officials. they can add on another 1 to 6 minutes at the end of the game.

What is a pass in soccer?

A pass is a kick from one teammate to another teammate in the game of soccer.

Is soccer the lowest scoring game?

I play soccer and I cannot think of another sport.

What is another name for a winger in soccer?


What is the name of the 3 0n 3 soccer game on miniclip?

Power Soccer

What is a another name for football?


What does pitch mean in soccer?

The term pitch, when associated with soccer, means the soccer field. Pitch is another term for the field where the game is played.

What noun describes soccer?

Soccer is a noun as it is the name of a game. Descriptive words are adjectives. If the answer you were looking for was an 'Adjective' then my answer would be Smashing Soccer. I personally enjoy this game. :)

What is another name for soccer?

Association Football

What is another name for a defender in soccer?


Another name for football?

Footy or soccer.

What is another name for defender in soccer?


What is another name for halfback in soccer?


What is another name for a sideline in soccer?


Where did soccer game came from?

Here's the answer from another question on the origins of soccer. Soccer, like a lot of other sports, has origins that are not known for certain. We don't know who invented it. Was it just one person, or was there a meeting? When was the sport invented? We don't know. Where was it invented? We're not sure. Many sports evolve from another sport or game. People played a game in a given way until a point, and then things changed and it suddenly became another game. Read more here:

How do you invite a soccer scout to your college soccer game?

you start by getting the name correct *football

What is the name of the game of soccer called in England?


What is crew soccer?

Crew soccer is another name for club soccer, and usually involves matches played by teams from the same club.

What is another name for a soccer field?

Football Pitch

If you receive a yellow card in a soccer game can you play the next game?

Yes you can play, but if you do get a another yellow in the next game , then you will miss one game.

How much time is the soocer game?

Most soccer games are around 1 hr. Who ever wrote that is an idiot. All professional soccer games last for 90 minutes. P.S only Americans call it soccer, but that's not its name, the name of this beautiful game is FOOTBALL