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Soccer and football is the same sport witha different name, it is called football in the uk and soccer in the u.s.

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Q: Is soccer and football scored differently or the same?
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Who discovered football not soccer?

Lenore Skenazy. "Football" and "Soccer" are the same sports cause it's same kicking the ball.

Can you watch soccer at football field?

Yes, both soccer and football are played on the same field .

Is soccer like football?

soccer in an american term means football to the english.its the same thing.

Is soccer and football alike?

in america football(to the english)is called the uk its the other way round,soccer and fo same football are the same thing.

Did David Beckham play football before he played soccer?

Soccer and football r the same thing

What is the difference between the words soccer and football?

It the same but the Australian says soccer and the English way is Football

Is it easier to score in soccer or football?

there the same

In Finland is football the same thing as soccer?

Yes it is the same.

What is soccer called in Spain?

Because the game was invented here, a long time before American "Football". Question really ought to be, why do you call football "soccer". Grrr! ---- Soccer is an English coloquial version of the phrase 'Association Football' .The game is called Football NOT Soccer. The word 'Soccer' was used to describe on particular form of league of football.

What sports have the same concept as soccer?

football, hockey, and lacrosse

How do you play Italian soccer?

The same as you play english football

What sport has the same number of players on the field as football?