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Football Is France's most popular sport with 2,225,595 licensed players in 2009. The other popular sport is Rugby Union

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What word do poets use to mean before?

ere is popular as in ere long(before long)

What letter is ere in spanish?

'ere' = 'r'

Which parts of antarctica are threatened with most damage?

danukka waz ere

What does ere mean in Elizabethan?

Ere means "before"

How do you spell ere?

The word "ere" means before. The apostrophe form 'ere is a spelling of the dialect pronunciation of "here".

Who were the most famous band in the 60's?

The beetles ere swinging

What is the meaning word of dict-ere?

dictere is a word from greek

Why aren't most protagonists static characters?

Type your answer hWhy aren't most protagonists static characters?ere...

When was Ebi Ere born?

Ebi Ere was born on 1981-08-02.

Did most radical republicans in the north believe that African Americans ere the equals of whites?


What is the meaning of 'ere' in poetry?

"before" It's old or Middle English.

What does ere mean?

"Ere" (pronounced like "air") is an old English word meaning "before".

What is the birth name of Ere Kokkonen?

Ere Kokkonen's birth name is Erkki Olavi Kokkonen.

When was Ere Kokkonen born?

Ere Kokkonen was born on July 7, 1938, in Savonlinna, Finland.

When did Ere Kokkonen die?

Ere Kokkonen died on October 16, 2008, in Helsinki, Finland.

What does ere mean in Macbeth?

Usually, "until". "I will stay with you ere the dawn." It means I will stay with you until sunrise.

What is the most popular phrase in England?

there are lots of different popular phrases in England, and not one of them is the most popular ( i mean who can we tested what is the most popular phrase used.) Also, lots of people have different phrases to use - such as if you have a young child that is exploring the world and asking lots of questions, then that phrase might be 'why has a very long tail,' when they ask "WHY?" If you are a police man you could use the phrase - 'Hello, eloo, eloo, whats going' on ere?' It depends what, who and where you are. Try listening out one day for the most commonly used phrase you here around you. Maybe you could answer this question better than me...

What is a palindromic preposition?


Before to a bard?


What is palindromic before?


What is a Palindrome for before?


What is the homonym of after?

ere is no anser

How many varieties of sushi are there?

jade ere man and luvin sushi jade ere man and luvin sushi

What is a seven-letter word with seven words in it?

The word is therein. (It actually has 9 counting "ere.")-- the there he her here herein ere rein inThe word thereby has 7 or 8.-- the there he her here hereby ere by

How old is a Wards Western Field 12 gauge shotgun Model 10 SD247A with no serial number?

ere ere