What is a shaft in lacrosse?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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The shaft in Lacrosse is the stick part. The butt is the rubber stopper on the end of the stick. The head is the plastic part which has the pocket. The shaft is the part of the stick where you hold it.

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Q: What is a shaft in lacrosse?
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What is the worst lacrosse shaft?

the stx amp is the worst lacrosse shaft

Where can you find a cheap 6 foot lacrosse shaft?

STX AL6000 Attack Lacrosse Shaft price: $14.95

Is the stx katana lacrosse shaft better or the maverick Phoenix lacrosse shaft?

The maverick phoenix is the better shaft it has the hights strength to weight ratio and has an amazing grip

How do you trim a lacrosse shaft?

You can use a hack saw to trim a lacrosse stick

What is a composite lacrosse shaft?

composite means the use of different materials. a lacrosse shaft can be a composite of many materials such wood and carbon fiber.

What is the lightest maverik lacrosse shaft?


Can you use a talon shaft which is a wooden lacrosse shaft in boy's high school lacrosse?

Well maybe. Defense:no Attack:yes Middie:I wouldn't recommend it,

Can you use a womans lacrosse shaft in mens lacrosse?

no u cannot the ref will yell at u

How do you take grip off a lacrosse shaft?

no you cant

Can you use a goalie shaft as a midi in lacrosse?


How long is a lacrosse defense shaft?

the shaft itself is 60" long. With a head attached it is 6ft.

Why use a crankshaft in lacrosse?

The crankshaft is a light weighted lacrosse shaft typically used for quicker shots.