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It is a fly ball that's hit deep enough to the outfield so a base runner can successfully advance to the next base. The batter is not charged with an at bat, but credited with a sacrifice and does not effect his batting average..When a runner is on 3rd and scores on the play, an RBI is credited to the batter.

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A sacrifice fly, in the game of Baseball, is a fly ball which was hit in order to allow a runner already on base to further advance.

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Q: What is a sacrifice fly?
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Does a sacrifice fly affect on base percentage?

A sacrifice fly is scored as "no time at bat".

How is a sacrifice fly different from a sacrifice bunt?

A sacrifice fly is a fly ball that is caught for an Out, but that allows a runner to tag up and score. A sacrifice bunt is a ball that is "tapped" with the intent of sacrificing an Out (the batter) to advance the runner or runners on base.

When did the sacrifice fly stop going against your batting average?

A sacrifice bunt or fly has never been considered an at-bat.

Does a sac fly count on your batting ave?

No. Neither a sacrifice fly nor a sacrifice bunt count as an official time at bat.

What is the sacrifice fly rule?

A Sacrifice Fly is only credited when a baserunner scores on a fly ball out. In this case the batter is given an RBI (run batted in) and not charged with an at bat (you will be 0-0). Moving a runner from 1st to 2nd or from 2nd to 3rd with a fly ball out may be admirable, but is not counted as a Sacrifice Fly (you will be 0-1)

Does a sac fly count in batting average?

No. A sacrifice fly does not count in batting average. It is as if the at bat never occured although you will get credit for any runs batted in that may have resulted from the sacrifice fly.

What is an sacrifice fly in softball?

A sacrifice fly in softball is when they batter sacrifices themselves (meaning they are getting an out) to score the runner or to move the runner into scoring position.

Does a sacrifice fly that advances a runner from second to third count as an at bat?

A fly ball that advances a runner from second to third is not counted as a sacrifice fly, and it does count as an at bat. Unless a runner scores on a fly ball, the batter is charged with an at bat.

Does an error on a sacrifice fly count as an at bat?

no, if in the judgment of the official scorer a ball would have been a sacrifce fly without the error, the batter is not charged an at bat and gets credit for a sacrifice fly and an RBI

What does SAC stand for in Baseball box score?

Sacrifice. Either a sacrifice bunt or sacrifice fly. Neither counts as an at bat.

Runner advances a base on a fly ball but not from third Sac or not?

no it is not a sacrifice- just a regular at bat and fly out

Is a batter charged an official at-bat when he hits a Sacrifice Fly?


What does SF mean in box scores baseball?

Sacrifice Fly

Is a ground ball hit to the right side that advances the runner considered a sacrifice or does it have to be a bunt to be a sacrifice?

No, it is not considered a sacrifice unless the batter is advanced as a result of a bunt. Also, a fly ball that is caught is only considered a sacrifice if a runner tags and scores on the play. If a runner tags at 1B or 2B on the caught fly ball, and advances one base, it is not considered a sacrifice fly.

Can a runner run from first base on a sacrifice fly?

He can. But it would only be a sacrifice fly if someone scored on the play. So there would likely be runners on first and third or bases loaded.

Is it scored a sacrifice if you score a runner from third on a ground out to second base?

No. A sacrifice is only recorded on a fly ball or a bunt. There is no such thing as a "sacrifice ground out".

What does sf mean in baseball?

Probably Sacrifice Fly. This is where there is a baserunner who advances by tagging up on a fly ball hit by the batter.

If you hit a very deep fly ball and a runner on second base tags and scores from second is it a sacrifice fly?


Is it possible to hit a sac fly when there is only one runner on first base?

No. For it to be a sacrifice fly, a runner must score.

Does a sac fly count as an at bat?

No, a sacrifice fly does not count as an official at-bat, in order to have an at-bat scored as a sac fly though a runner must advance home safely on your fly ball

Is a sacrifice ball hit caught in foul territory counted as an at bat?

No. As long as it still acted as a sacrifice fly, the at bat would could like a regular at bat. A sacrifice fly would mean that a runner would have to score as a result of the hit.

What is a sacrifice fly in baseball?

A type of batted ball where a run is scored on the play while the batter is put out by a caught ball by the defense. The batter is credited with a Sacrifice Fly (SF) and a Run Batted In (RBI) but does not receive an At Bat (AB). Also referred to as a "Sac Fly."

What is the church softball team's motto?

jesus made a sacrifice fly for your sins?

Does a sacrifice fly have to caught in fair territory?

yes a sacrifice fly must be caught in fair territory. if it is not in fair territory when caught runners can not advance. and the base runner must also tag up after the ball is caught

What date did the sacrifice fly rule change from an at bat to not an at bat?

As long as the sacrifice fly has been a part of the MLB rules the batter has not been charged with a time at bat. However, the rule has been discontinued and continued several times. MLB started the sacrifice fly rule in the 1908 season. It was discontinued in the 1931 season only to become a rule again in 1939. It was discontinued again in 1940 and restarted in 1954. So there was no sacrifice fly rule in MLB prior to 1908, between 1931-1938, and between 1940-1953.