What is a punt returner?

Updated: 3/30/2022
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The act of receiving a punt and running to improve field position is what as known as a punt return.

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Q: What is a punt returner?
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Who was the punt and kickoff returner for the 1965 redskins?

Rickie Harris was the punt returner and Billy Hunter and George Hughley were the main kickoff returners.

What is the position pro in football?

Punt Returner

What was Devin Hester's position in college other than kick returner and punt returner?

Corner back

Who is the punt returner for the San Diego Chargers?

Darren Sporles

Who was Florida's leading punt returner in 1997?

Jacquez Green

A game a punt returner plays in?

Generally a good one, if he returns a lot.

When can a punt returner in football go out of bounds and return in bounds to return the punt?

Never . No one can go out of bounds and be the first one to touch the ball.

Who is the fastest kick returner in the NFL?

Devin Hester no doudtDevin Hester is the best kickoff returner and punt returneryou also have to take Josh Cribbs into consideration

Who is Joshua Cribbs?

Wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns. No. 16, 4th year, OUTSTANDING punt returner.

Who was the Kansas City Chief punt returner who got busted selling stolen cars and drugs?

Tamarick Vanover

How do you play punt returner?

You need to kick the ball up the field to gain the yards and tighten the other teams defence.

If the punt returner touches the ball and it goes out of the back of the end zone without being possessed what happens?

Its ends up as a touchback and is given to the receiving team (of the punt) to start at the 20-yard line.