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Q: Who was Florida's leading punt returner in 1997?
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Can a punt returner advance a punt that has bounced after he has signaled for a fair catch?


What is a pr position in football?

Punt Returner

Who was the punt and kickoff returner for the 1965 redskins?

Rickie Harris was the punt returner and Billy Hunter and George Hughley were the main kickoff returners.

Difference between a kick returner and a punt returner?

insert something into your bottom orifice

What is a punt returner?

The act of receiving a punt and running to improve field position is what as known as a punt return.

What was Devin Hester's position in college other than kick returner and punt returner?

Corner back

Who is the punt returner for the San Diego Chargers?

Darren Sporles

Who was the best punt returner ever in the NFL?

Deoin Sanders

Can the punt team catch the punt if the returner is not catching the ball?

Yes. You will see this happen when the punt is headed very close to the returner's end zone. Instead of the punt returner catching it and giving his team poor field position, like at the 5 or 10 yard line, he will usually let the punt hit the ground in the hopes that the ball will bounce into the end zone so a touchback will be called. In this case the ball would be brought out to the 20 yard line and the returner's team would go on offense. But if the punt team can get down fast enough, they are allowed to catch the ball as long as they do not interfere with the returner.

Who is the fastest kick returner in the NFL?

Devon Hester of the Chicago Bears is the fastest kick/punt returner in the NFL.

What did Devin Hester major in college?

CB or cornerback and kick/punt returner

A game a punt returner plays in?

Generally a good one, if he returns a lot.

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