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Rickie Harris was the punt returner and Billy Hunter and George Hughley were the main kickoff returners.

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Q: Who was the punt and kickoff returner for the 1965 redskins?
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Who is the best kickoff returner in the NFL?

Devin Hester no doudtDevin Hester is the best kickoff returner and punt returneryou also have to take Josh Cribbs into consideration

Can you fair catch a kick off?

Yes. Any kick, punt or kickoff, can be fair caught. One major difference between fair catching a punt and fair catching a kickoff is that the kickoff is a free kick. Where a punt returner deep in his own territory may call for a fair catch and let the ball bounce on the ground in the hope that the ball will bounce into the end zone for a touchback, the kick returner must catch the ball due to the fact that a kickoff is a free kick and the team that recovers a free kick is awarded possession of the ball.

Can a punt returner advance a punt that has bounced after he has signaled for a fair catch?


What is a pr position in football?

Punt Returner

Difference between a kick returner and a punt returner?

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What is a punt returner?

The act of receiving a punt and running to improve field position is what as known as a punt return.

What is the NFL record for most total returns for a touchdown in a career?

Through Week 12 of the 2008 season, for most returns (kickoff, punt, interception, fumble) that would be Deion Sanders with 19 (6 kickoff, 3 punt, 9 interception, 1 fumble). For kick returns (kickoff and punt) that would be Brian Mitchell with 13 (9 kickoff, 4 punt). Dante Hall has 12 (6 kickoff, 6 punt) and Eric Metcalf has 12 (10 punt, 2 kickoff). Devin Hester has 11 (7 punt, 4 kickoff).

What was Devin Hester's position in college other than kick returner and punt returner?

Corner back

Who holds the record for most kickoffs and punt returns in his career in the NFL?

As of the end of the 2007 season: Brian Mitchell holds the NFL career record for number of punt returns and number of kickoff returns. He had 463 punt returns and 607 kickoff returns. As far as TDs are concerned, the record is 13 and is also held by Brian Mitchell (9 punt returns, 4 kickoff returns). ~Devin Hester Is The Best Punt Returner In The NFL Today. Concidering Half way through his rookie Year He Had 6 TDs from Kick and Punt Returns No Doubt Hes The Best.~(9-1-09)Forever!/

Who is the punt returner for the San Diego Chargers?

Darren Sporles

Who was the best punt returner ever in the NFL?

Deoin Sanders

Who was Florida's leading punt returner in 1997?

Jacquez Green

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