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it is good to be running a 22-25 minute race, considering it is 3 miles long

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โˆ™ 2011-02-03 17:08:34
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Q: What is a good pace for a freshman girl in a cross country race?
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What is a good 5k time for your first season of cross country as a high school freshman?

To be competitive, a low 19 would be good. I run 18:09 as a freshman and is considered elite.

Is getting on varisty cross country running freshman year really good?

yes it is but it is not uncommon be proud of yourself but do not gloat

What is a good sport for a small 13 year old girl?

cross country

Is throwing 33 ft in shot put as a freshman girl in high school good?

yes, im a freshman girl thrower throwing in the 30s as well. the distance of a freshman girl varies on the person but it can range from 15 ft to the late 20s. keep up the good throws(:

Is getting on varsity cross country running freshman year really good?

It depends on a number of factors as in : size of your school, members on the team, but mainly it doesnt matter who youre better than in your school as much as what times youre running. Really good for a freshman would be sub-18. sub 20 is good

What is a good mile time for a freshman girl?

Below 5:35

Is sorel footwear good for cross-country running?

No, sorel footwear is not good for cross-country running. It is not good because the company only manufactures boots. Boots are not ideal for cross-country running.

What is a good time for the 200 meter run for freshman girl?

About 25 seconds I would say.

What is a good time for high school cross country runners?

20-25 minutes for a girl but I don't know for guys

How do you find a good guy when you a freshman girl?

The best way is to be yourself and just wait for a guy to come. :)

What is a good time for a freshman high school girl to run a 200 meter?

24-28 seconds

Is cross country good for a 6th grader?

Sure, if you are a good runner! I am a 12 yr old girl. You usually run 2 miles for a race. I can finish that in 10-12 minutes.

Why are Mexicans good at cross country?

i dunno, maybe cross country is the only event in Mexico, so their best cross country athletes aren't doing other sports

Who are very good at cross-country skiing?

Canada and Norway, although, pretty much all winter sport countries have good cross country skiers.

I'm a girl and I throw shot put for my high school. Is it good to be throwing 30 feet in my freshman year?


What is a good 200 meter dash time for a high school freshman girl?

Around a 24-28 seconds on 200 meter dash is a good time.

What is a good time for 3 mile cross country run in freshmen year if you're a 14 almost 15 year old boy?

Depends on the course, i ran 16:23 as a freshman for 5k(just over 3 miles), but a good time on a fast course would be under 19 minutes.

What is a good breakfast for cross country running?

weatbix :)

Is being top runner on varsity good for cross country?

yes that is very good but there are also a number of factors to consider such as what school you go to, what your times are, etc. But judging from my past experiences in cross country that is very good.

What companies do cross country auto transport?

Companies that provide 'Cross Country Auto Transport Services' are for example 'National Transport LLC' and 'Cars Direct'. Another good company is 'Cross Country car shipping'.

Is 21.15 a good time for a freshman in high school to run in a 5K?

That's average for a freshman. I ran a 15:31 as a freshman.

What is a good freshman GPA?

my GPA is 3.834 and I'm a freshman. but a good or normal GPA is 2.5 to 3.0.

Which breed of horse is best at cross-country?

I would use a thoroughbred cross with a horse that is good at jumping

What is the best breed for cross country on howrse?

Arabians and Quarter horses. But any horse can be trained to be good at cross county.

What are good names for a freshman photo album on Facebook?

We put the 'fresh' in freshman! :) that ones my favorite!