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No, sorel footwear is not good for cross-country running. It is not good because the company only manufactures boots. Boots are not ideal for cross-country running.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-02 20:56:32
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Q: Is sorel footwear good for cross-country running?
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What are the best rain footwear for running?

There is no best rain footwear for running. If it is raining then you most likely should not be running. Running in the rain could cause an injury which is not good.

Is born footwear appropriate for the track?

No, born footwear is not a good shoe to help you with running. Born footwear are like boots and casual shoes. You should wear light weight running shoes to assist you.

Is magnum footwear a good shoe for running?

Magnum footwear is certainly competitive amongst their competition for good, quality footwear. Their niche market is in their boots like Tony Lama and the like.

Are Rockport footwear running shoes good?

Rockport Footwear specializes in casual and dress shoes. They would not have a selection of running shoes. A better selection would be available at a sport store.

What are some good footwear companies?

Some good footwear companies to research before buying your running shoe would be Nike, Reebok, Saucony, and New Balance. It is important to know what type of surface you will be running on, prior to purchasing your shoe.

Will cheap footwear hurt my feet?

There are many websites that offer low price footwear that are good for your feet. A good website to try would be ebay as well as amazon. Eastbay also has a wide variety of running footwear to choose from.

Does paul green footwear have good running shoes?

Paul Green footwear makes mostly dress or buisness casual shoes that would not be appropriate for running or athletic wear. You will need to find a different brand of shoe.

What is the best gear I can use for outdoor running?

The best footwear for running would be running shoes. Many brands make running shoes. Find good fitting running shoes. You can buy these at many locations.

Where can I find some good running footwear for the snow?

The best places to find some good running footwear that'll help you through the snow are places that shoes like Asics Gel artics ,or an adidas or nike store with shoes that have spikes and can keep you from slipping.Also just wear heavier socks with wool or polyester that add good comfort.

Is there any mens winter footwear that would be good for running?

There is a brand you can purchase through Running World called the ice cleat. This running shoe provides the necessary traction when running in snow or through patches of ice.

What footwear would prevent blisters on my feet when I am running?

If you are experiencing blisters on your foot after running, you should probably stop running for a while. Wait till the blisters heal before you go running again. The best footwear for running is a good pair of sneakers. Nike and New Balance make really good running shoes. Whether they will stop blisters from forming, that's up to you. You need to keep your feet dry, make sure you wear socks when you are running and if need be, put heel protectors on the shoes to stop them from rubbing on you.

Is solomon footwear good footwear to run a marathon in?

The proper footwear is extremely important for a big event like this. I found several reviews of running shoes. I suggest you look at this web site:,7122,s6-240-400-0-0,00.html.

Where could a person buy men's footwear?

Men's footwear can be bought at most department clothes stores or from shoe stores at malls. Exercise shoes such as running, biking and hiking shoes can be purchased from sporting good stores or local specialty stores. Try for best men and women footwear..

Is Gore Tex footwear a good option for marathon running?

There are a number of Gore Tex shoes for sale on the web, but they are all made for Trail running, which means hard terrain. They also get some terrible reviews.

Where can I buy good discount running shoes?

You can find well priced running shoes at a number of footwear stores, including Shoe Carnival and Foot Locker. You can also purchase them at online websites such as eBay and Amazon.

What are some good running shoes for less?

There are a few brands of running shoes you should wear to tone your body and improve your running. The Sketchers "Shape Up" shoes seems to be the best on the market and they can be found at any sporting goods store or footwear store.

Is barefoot running good for your back?

No, bare foot running should never be done. It is very damaging for your feet, ankles, knees, hips, lower and upper back. If you are running, or partaking in any kind of excersize you should always make sure you are wearing adequate footwear.

What is the minimalist footwear that I can wear?

There is a good article at ( about how to choose a good minimalist shoe. It has a chart comparing brands as well as help with how to get started with barefoot running.

Which brand is the most comfortable footwear for golf player?

Callaway provides good golf footwear.

Should I use aetrex footwear for running?

Yes Aetrex is good for running shoes they offer many benefits such as being shock absorbent, flexible and can be customized just for your foot. Also great control for the foot such as rearfoot control around the heel.

Where can I find a good pair of leather running shoes online?

Leather running shoes from well-known athletic footwear stores such as Nike, Adidas, and Pumas are dependable. These types of stores are easy accessible and nearby, so you can drop by and ask for help in case you have a problem.

Is rockport footwear as good as Nike?

Rockport footwear sells a lot of different shoes. They are best known for their dress shoes. A lot of people are loyal to the Rockport footwear brand.

Which weather is gore tex footwear best used in?

The good thing about Gore Tex footwear is that they make footwear for just about any type of weather, whether it be cold, hot, raining, or snowing so to answer the question, these shoes are good for all seasons.

What is the best brand of fitness footwear?

To find more information about fitness footwear a good idea would be to go to any footwear store that sells fitness footwear. Any shoe store salesperson should be able to tell you what you are looking for about fitness footwear. There are several different types of fitness footwear, and the most popular and best would be Nike.

Are the Nike lunarglide the best footwear for fitness?

You can find reviews done by professionals on several reviewing sites and possibly on forums dedicated towards running and sports of that kind. Nike is generally quite good.