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A good score in a cross country race where you run 7 runners and score the top 5 is 15. 15 is also a perfect score which is only achieved if your top 5 runners finish in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th places.

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Q: What is a good cross country score?
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How do you score in cross country skiing?

It is a race, the winner is the first to arrive

In which sport does the player with the lowest score win?

Golf is one Sport where the player with the lowest score wins. The player that hits the ball the least amount of time, and holes the ball has the better score.

Name a sport you win by having the lowest score?

Cross Country and golf

What sports calculate winner with lowest score?

i believe golf, darts,

Is sorel footwear good for cross-country running?

No, sorel footwear is not good for cross-country running. It is not good because the company only manufactures boots. Boots are not ideal for cross-country running.

How many cross country runners are there?

On a highschool cross country team there can be seven runners that score points for the team. These runners are considered varsity and run in the bigger meets for the team.

Why are Mexicans good at cross country?

i dunno, maybe cross country is the only event in Mexico, so their best cross country athletes aren't doing other sports

What is a good breakfast for cross country running?

weatbix :)

Who are very good at cross-country skiing?

Canada and Norway, although, pretty much all winter sport countries have good cross country skiers.

Can you compete in high school cross country as a team with only 5 runners?

Yes, 5 runners score points.

Which breed of horse is best at cross-country?

I would use a thoroughbred cross with a horse that is good at jumping

What is the major point of cross-country running?

The major point of cross country running is to finish in the highest place you can get to score points for your team. Remember the team with the most points from their first 5 players to finish wins.

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