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speedaway! and duck duck goose

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Q: What is a fun sport game that you made-up?
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Is tag a sport and why?

tag is not a sport it is a game that is fun for kids

Is Nerf a sport?

no it is a fun interactive game for kids

A skate board is a fun game yes or no?

its not a game, its a sport, and it is fun. if you dont like to fall then dont skate

How Cristiano get the baby?

sport is a game or some thing you play for fun!

Why you should have badminton in the school?

It is a lifetime sport and fun game to play.

When did soccer become a national sport in most of the world?

it is a fun and challenging game

What is a pickup game?

I am pretty sure a pickup game is a game hosted by someone for fun. This can be a hockey, football, or really any sport. It can also be a card game or something but most of the time it will be a sport.

What is the defention of the word sport?

The definition of the word sport is something that you do for fun and enjoyment that you have the ability to communicate/ assosiate with others about a certain game or topic.

Is basketball a fun sport?

basketball is a great, fun, and exciting game to play, and watch. its one of the most populartiest game in the world. ive played since i was 6. Its great :)

Is bowling a game or a sport?

First Response:Both. if i needed one it's sport.Second Response:Both. If just bowling for fun or by yourself, then it is just a game or practice. If you are competing against others, then it is a sport.

What is your sport?

Soccer... it is a fun and interesting sport.

Is softball a sport to get mad over?

No, because its a game that you can play for fun and it's not worth it to get mad over it.

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