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its not a game, its a sport, and it is fun. if you dont like to fall then dont skate

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โˆ™ 2009-01-06 01:35:28
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Q: A skate board is a fun game yes or no?
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Can you use the wii skateboard for the Skate It game?

If you mean the balance board yes. The tony hawk ride board no

Is skate board a compound word?

yes, and you should type "skate" and "board" together as a word.

Is the Howrse board game good?

yes its very fun! Its worth it!

Can Justin bieber skate board?


Does Lady Gaga skate board?


Does Justin Bieber like to skate board?

Yes, Justin Bieber does like to skate board he used to skate with his best friend Ryan Butler when Justin lived in Sratford, Ontario Canada.

Does a moving skate board contain kinetic energy?


Is a skate ramp an inclined plane?

Yes, a skate board ramp is considered an inclined plane. The is because skate rampshave a slope and are not just straight.

Do you need bearings on a skateboard?

Yes or the skate board wont go

Justin Bieber has what type of bike?

yes he does and he like to skate board and play hockey

Are rukos skate board bearings good?

well yes i got them and they are good and fast !

Can you skate with a cracked deck?

Yes , you can skate with a cracked deck as long as the board has enough strength to have the weight of the person on it without bending too much

Is a last exit skate board real?

i don't think so but i could be wrong actually, they are. my skate board is a last exit with, skulls and a union jack on the bottom. so yes they are real.

Can you do a ollie from a manual on a skate board?

yes you can its the same thing except the ollies won't be as high

Is the game headbandz a board game?


Is there a board game named password?


Are longboards safer than skateboards?

Yes,because long boards has long boards and trucks easy for handling skate board has a little deck and small trucks so you need more balance than long boards but you can make tricks on skate board,long board no.

Is hockey a fun game?

Yes it's very fun. But, you might get pushed around, and you need to learn to skate ---- Hockey is the best thing ever. The exhiliration of scoring a goal, the tension of a last minute PC, the pride in saving a difficult shot...

Is Scrabble a board game?


Is there a Pokemon board game?

yes there is.

Alien workshop skateboards good?

Yes! I have a Alien Workshop board and it has lasted me 2 years and i skate hard.

Does Kristen Stewart skate board?

yes she does.

Does Justin Bieber skate board?

Yes, he is amazing go to his older youtube videos on his account

Did the Aztecs have board games?

Yes they had a board game called Patolli.

Can you free skate in Skate it?