What is a fair ball in softball?

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A ball that is between the two foul poles. There are rules that contradict that though.

For example -if a player makes contact with the ball before it goes foul it's still considered fair.


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Q: What is a fair ball in softball?
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Related questions

What is a ball in play called in softball?

a fair ball.

In fastpitch softball if the batted ball hit the plate and stays fair is it a fair ball or a dead ball?

Home plate is in fair territory so the ball would be a fair ball.

Science fair project about softball?

A science fair project about a softball could be the speed of the ball being pitched versus another type of ball. This could be set up to grab the attention of people interested in softball.

What is a fair in softball?

Any ball that lands in the area within the foul line

In softball if an easy foul ball is dropped does the fielder get an error?

Errors are only charged when a ball is in fair play.

What is the different between fair and foul in softball?

There are lines placed to divide the foul territory and the fair territory. Any ball that lands on the foul territory will be called foul. When the ball enters the fair territory, ball is at play.

What is a foul ball in softball?

A foul ball is a ball that is hit outside of the foul lines on the field. A ball that bounces in fair territory then goes into foul territory before it passes a base is considered a foul ball. A ball that bounces in fair territory and then bounces into foul territory after it passes a base if considered a fair ball.

What is the Amateur Softball Association rule in fast pitch when a batted ball hits the plate is it fair or dead?

Home plate is in fair territory.

In softball is it fair if the ball is on the foul line?

In both baseball and softball all lines are considered to be fair territory. If a batted ball hits the line on the fly, but then rolls into foul territory, it is still considered a fair ball. This rule only applies to a ball hit past either the first or third base bag. A ball that hits the line, or inside the line, before reaching the first or third base bag is a foul ball.

How far must bunted ball go in fastpitch softball?

It simple has to be in fair territory there is no distance it has to travel.

How many strikes are in softball?

Three strikes and out. You have three chances to hit a fair ball , a strike, otherwise you are out.

If a slowpitched softball hits the ground is it a dead ball?

after the batter hits the ball and it's a fair ball it's not a dead ball. if the ball lands in foul territory, it's a foul ball.

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