What is a blocked shot?

Updated: 11/10/2020
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a block shot is when someone blocks a shot...... or a shot taken from the block

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A blocked shot is a shot in Basketball which is grabbed away by an opposing player before it reaches its destination.

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Q: What is a blocked shot?
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Is it considered a shot attempt if the shot is blocked?

A blocked shot is considered a shot attempt. Once the ball leaves the player's hand, it is considered a shot if they trying to score.

If a player that is not a goalie blocks a shot that was meant to be a goal is that considered a blocked shot or a shot on goal?

It is a blocked shot, not a shot on goal. To be counted as a shot on goal it has to be stopped by the goalie or a goal.

Has Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's shot ever been blocked?

It has been blocked by a few. Wilt Chamberlain when he was playing for the Lakers and Kareem for the Bucks. He blocked the shot two times in a row. Manut Bol blocked, Bill Willoughby, and Artist Gilmore.

What does BS stand for in the NBA box score?

BS is a player's blocked shots, or how many shots they've blocked.

What does BS mean in hockey?

Blocked shot/s

Ball that gets blocked and hits backboard whos it off?

It's off the defender who blocked the shot.

In basketball if a blocked shot stays in bounds who gets credit for the rebound- the player who blocked the shot or the player that retrieved the ball?

The player that retrieved the ball. The blocker is credited with a block.

What is BA in basketball?

A BA in basketball is a blocked attempt. In other words, it is a shot that the player attempts that is subsequently blocked.

Is a blocked shot a turnover in basketball?

yes, it can be rebounded

What Is a block assist?

When a blocked shot goes in the opposing team's basket.

Is a blocked shot a steal if you get the ball after the block?

No it is not, it would be credited as a rebound.

Where can someone watch the video about the boy who blocked his own shot?

You can watch the video about the boy who blocked his own shot online at the YouTube website. You can also find this video online at other websites such as