What is a baseline player?

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A baseline player is a tennis player who rarely goes to the net, if at all, and sticks to the back of the court at the baseline rather than employing the serve-and-volley or chip-and-charge techniques.

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Q: What is a baseline player?
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Who is the fastest player in NBA right now?

devin harris from baseline to baseline(94ft)

When passing the ball in from the baseline can one player pass to another player who is out of bounds on the baseline?

Yes, it is called legally changing the inbound passer.

Can a player move along the baseline when inbounding a pass and they are on offensive and in the offensive zone?

yes the player is allowed to move so far along the baseline

If Player A passes the ball to player B - who is out of bounds on an inbounds play does player b still have the runn of the baseline?

yes the inbounder is legally being changed he may still run the baseline

If ball hits opponent who is behind baseline who gets the point?

Player standing just behind baseline. Opponent's ball hits this player's foot. Who gets the point?

Can a defensive basketball player step on endline when defending an offensive player driving baseline?


In tennis a player who steps on or in front of the baseline while serving commits a what?

Foot Fault

How do you use the word baseline in a sentence?

There was a baseline for software construction in company. This is an example sentence containing baseline word.

How far is it from baseline to baseline?

94 ft in the NBA.

What is a baseline?

A baseline is a line which is the base for measurement or construction.

What is a baseline in soccer?

there is no baseline u nob jockey

What is baseline in ECG?

PR intervel is baseline for ECG

How big is the singles court?

The baseline is 27 feet wide. To walk from the baseline to the net, it's 39 feet. That means from baseline to baseline, it is 78 feet.

In tennis what is the difference between a baseline player and a volley or serve player?

a baseline player, literally keeps the ball at the baseline. he focuses on keeping hr depth of the ball very deep into the court, near the baseline. this can be a good tactic, or a very bad one.. depending on the situation. and serve and volley, once again literally: serves and sprints to the net. they make the serve so explosive in force, that when they find themselves done with the serving motion, theyre halfway into the court, and have no choice but to play at the net. hope this helped

Who gets the point if the tennis player steps behind the baseline?

There is no rule against stepping behind the baseline, so the winner of such a point would be whoever returns every ball inside the court.

How long is the tennis court from baseline to baseline?

78 feet.

How long is tennis court?

78 feet from baseline to baseline.

What is the legnth of a basketball court?

94 feet baseline to baseline

How long is it baseline to baseline on a tennis court?

8 metres

What is a baseliner?

A baseliner is a tennis player who seldom moves towards the net, preferring to play near the baseline.

What is a baseline give two examples of baseline in software engineering?

i have no ans


The baseline on the EKG strip is considered to be the

Where is the baseline in basketball?

The baseline is slightly behind the basket (on both sides of the court).

what does the term baseline sugar or sugar baseline mean and how is it determined for a diabetic or just a normal person?

what does the term sugar baseline mean and how is it determined for a person

What is the name for the left side of the tennis court for each player?

If a player is standing on the baseline and looking at the net, the left side of the court is called the ad side.