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a baseline player, literally keeps the ball at the baseline. he focuses on keeping hr depth of the ball very deep into the court, near the baseline. this can be a good tactic, or a very bad one.. depending on the situation. and serve and volley, once again literally: serves and sprints to the net. they make the serve so explosive in force, that when they find themselves done with the serving motion, theyre halfway into the court, and have no choice but to play at the net. hope this helped

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Q: In tennis what is the difference between a baseline player and a volley or serve player?
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What is a baseline player?

A baseline player is a tennis player who rarely goes to the net, if at all, and sticks to the back of the court at the baseline rather than employing the serve-and-volley or chip-and-charge techniques.

What kind of tennis player is Dementieva?

Elena Dementieva was a tennis player from Russia. She was known to play an offensive style of tennis, usually staying near the baseline. She used her forehand mostly.

In tennis a player who steps on or in front of the baseline while serving commits a what?

Foot Fault

What is a baseliner?

A baseliner is a tennis player who seldom moves towards the net, preferring to play near the baseline.

What is the back boundary called in tennis?

The baseline

What is the difference between court and arena for example tennis court and tennis arena?

The one difference is that an arena has a roof.

How long is the tennis court from baseline to baseline?

From one baseline to the other, a tennis court is 78 feet long exactly (23. 78 meters). In terms of width, it is exactly 36 feet wide (10. 97 meters).

What is featured in Baseline magazine?

Baseline magazine is a Tennis magazine published in South Carolina. The articles in the magazine feature pro tennis players like Chris Peek and Moutray McLaren.

What is the difference between women only tennis club vs women's only tennis club?

There is no difference. Only women are members of the tennis club. The plural possessive means nothing.

What is the size of a tennis court including baseline area?

36' x 78'

In tennis can you serve with your feet of the floor?

Yes, but your feet must be behind the baseline.

Where should the first point be served from in tennis?

the right hand side of the baseline