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to play Baseball

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Q: What is a baseball used for?
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When was the baseball cleat used in Major League Baseball?

The baseball cleat was first used in 1966 in baseball but they used it first in the Super Bowl

Is a baseball used again after it is hit in Major League Baseball?

If the baseball is dirty or damaged it is not used again.

How is a baseball bat used in the game called baseball?

In baseball, the bat is used to hit the balls thrown by the pitcher.

What is a baseball?

A baseball is a ball used during the sport of baseball.

What is the ball called used in baseball?

a baseball

What is used to catch a baseball?

a baseball glove

What was used to hit a baseball before the baseball bat?

A baseball stick.

How is the element technetium used today in baseball bats?

Technetium is not used in baseball bats.

What is the ball called played in baseball?

The ball used in baseball is called baseball.

What object is used to catch a baseball?

a baseball glove

What is the main baseball used in baseball?

The round one.

What is the object used to catch the baseball?

A baseball mitt

What is worth more a game used autographed baseball or a un game used autographed ball?

A game used autographed baseball.

What is a used Major League Baseball worth?

An mlb used baseball is worth £27,000,000. Whatever that is!! :) lol

What was the official baseball was used in 1970?

The official Baseball used in the Major Leagues up to 1976 was A Spalding

How many baseballs are used during a Major League Baseball game?

1 baseball is used in a game.

Which Australian creature can be used in a game of baseball?

An Australian creature that can be used in a game of baseball would be a wombat!

What is the baseball bat used for?

It is used by the batter to hit the baseball, which is being thrown by the opposing teams pitcher.

What is a baseball mitt?

A baseball mitt is another name for a baseball glove - a protective glove used when playing baseball.

How is geometry used in baseball?

Geometry is used in baseball in the shape of the field and diamond. It is also used when players decide where they need to throw the ball.

Wood from what tree is used in making the bats used in major league baseball?

Baseball bats used in MLB are made from ash and maple.

How is technology involved with baseball?

technology is used in baseball by the scoreboard

What are baseballs?

A baseball is a ball that is used to play the game of baseball with

What is Pinto Baseball?

It is a Youth baseball league. No horses are used.

What are the differences between a softball and a baseball?

a softball is larger, and most of the time harder. a baseball is used in mens baseball, as to a softball is used in womens. hope i helped,

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