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Q: What is the ball called used in baseball?
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What is the ball called played in baseball?

The ball used in baseball is called baseball.

Why the ball of baseball is hard why the game is called softball?

Baseball is not called softball. The game of softball is called softball because the ball used is softer than a baseball.

What is a base ball?

A ball that is used for a sport that's called baseball For more info

Who created baseball ball?

it was created by john denemer in 1856. he knew that there would be a great need in baseball. because first they used stones as their ball so he invented the ball in baseball. called, baseball ball.

What did they use a baseball in baseball?

Because it was origanly called baseball and they needed a ball so they called it a baseball!!

What is a baseball?

A baseball is a ball used during the sport of baseball.

What is a missed ball in baseball called?


What is ball used in cricket called?

Cricket ball Cricket ball

Why is American baseball called baseball?

because you use bases. and a ball.

What are baseballs?

A baseball is a ball that is used to play the game of baseball with

What does baseball mean?

Well, I think they called baseball, because for base.... their are bases in the game, and for ....ball, their playing with a ball.

What baseball bats are used for?

To hit the ball.

Why the ball is used in netball?

If there was no ball it would not be called netball it would be called net

What did they used to do for sports?

They used to use a ball , or something round, and a stick to play baseball. They used to use a ball , or something round, and a stick to play baseball.

If your playing baseball and you hit the ball behind third base what is it called?

A foul ball

What is a one ball bounce in baseball called?

a one hopper

What is a baseball glove used for?

To catch the BALL NODUH.......................................................................................................................

How was baseball named?

You step on bases and there is a ball that you throw, therefore it's called baseball.

Why is baseball called baseball?

Probably because the there are bases in the game, and you use a ball to play.

What is the name of ball used in FIFA World Cup 2010?

The ball is called the Jabulani ball.

What was baseball first called?

i am pretty sure it was called stick ball but dont quote me on it

What can be used instead of a cricket ball to play cricket?

a tennis ball, a baseball, a golf ball, a monkey skull

What is called the ball in indoor hockey?

The ball used is a standard hockey ball; it is about three inches across and weighs half a pound or so. It is called "the ball".

Which ball was used in Football World Cup 2010?

In the 2010 world cup a Adidas ball called the Jabulani ball was used.

Will an used baseball travel farther than a new baseball?

It depends on the brand of baseball, and your definition of used, in some cases yes a used one will travel farther, but if the ball is OVER used then you will get better results from a ball fresh from the package.