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A game used autographed Baseball.

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Q: What is worth more a game used autographed baseball or a un game used autographed ball?
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What is a 1956 pitsburgh pirates autographed baseball worth?

alot very rare, Jackie Robinson signed and a ford frick national league game ball

What is the value of Tim Tebow autographed football?

Tim Tebows autograph is worth $300-500 depending if its on a real ncaa ball.....a game used Florida ball autographed would cost $2,000!

How much is an autographed Victor Zambrano card worth?

Autographed baseball- $42.09, $109.61, $100.33 8x10 autographed photo- $22.19, $13.37, $34.72, $28.19 Signed game used helmet- $150.28

What is worth more- a game used autographed baseball or a un-game-used autographed ball?

Clean New Autographed BasbeallWhen a baseball is signed by a player(s) the collectible is the signature not the baseball. The baseball is an item to display the signature. A clean white baseball is most preferred to display the signature. A "game used" ball is a collectible and will vary in value depending on the historic value of the game if any. Added value as a "game used "ball would be in the ability to prove so. A "Game used" baseball would have to be accompanied with provenance, and the quality of the provenance will dictate the added value. A letter from a player, team, or League official would be acceptable. A letter from a fan at the game would not hold much weight if any. Without provenance the added value will rely on the buyers belief in the story. In most cases a "game Used baseball will lower the value of the signature based on condition.

How much is a 2004 game used World Series Ball from Game 4 worth?

In 2004 World Series game used ball ranges from 200 to 400 dollars. The cost may vary considering on autographed signature.

How much is a Tom Browning autographed baseball worth?

i just paid 25.00 for one that is inscribed with the date of his perfect game.

What is the value of a football autographed by George Starke?

For a game ball during his playing career - $7,500 For a game ball after his playing career - $750 For an "autograph" ball - $525

What is the value of a 1989 Chicago Bulls autographed game ball that includes Michael Jordan's signature?

Game Ball or Mini Ball? Whole Team or just MJ?

What is price for dodgers team autographed baseball for shut out game?


What is the value of a Mario Lemieux autographed Stanley Cup game jersey worth?


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Ball, baseball game

Which ball is worth more in the game of snookers?

The Black Ball, it's worth 7 points.

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