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its a bat thats made of aluminum...if this does not answer your question,look for "aluminum bat pics"and mabe you will see wht im talking about :)

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Q: What is a aluminum bat?
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How does the aluminum bat hit farther?

With an aluminum bat the ball jumps better off of the bat then with a wooden bat.

Does an aluminum bat or an metal bat hit a baseball further?

of course an aluminum bat would!!

Which hits a ball further a wooden or aluminum bat?

aluminum bat

What type of baseball bat will make the ball go farther a wooden bat or an aluminum bat and why?

The aluminum bat would go farther than the wooden bat. It will go farther because the aluminum bat is much lighter than the wooden bat.

Which bat a big barrel aluminum bat or a regular aluminum bat hits the ball farther?

its the same

What kind of bat do people prefer the most?

Most people would prefer a aluminum bat as you can hit the ball further with an aluminum bat with the help of the strength of the aluminum.

Will a aluminum bat hit further than a wooden bat?

no because a aluminum bat is less heavier than a wooden

Can a softball go farther if hit with an aluminum bat or a plastic bat?

an aluminum bat is harder so it hits farther

What is an aluminum bat made of?


What is a aluminum bat made of?


Who made aluminum baseball bats?

The first patent for a metal bat was issued to William Shroyer in 1924. Worth Bats was the first company to manufacture an aluminum bat that was used in competition. They made a one piece aluminum bat and the first Little League aluminum bat.

What is a aluminum bat made up of?


What is a aluminum baseball bat made of?


Who invented the aluminum baseball bat?

The first aluminum baseball bat was created in the year 1924. The inventor of the bat was named William Shroyer.

Did an aluminum bat or wooden bat hit the farthest?

Wooden BatSupposedly, the wooden bat due to the weight of the ash wood used to make bat as opposed to the aluminum. However, it's not really the bat, it's the speed of the thrown ball and the speed with which the bat makes contact. Ask a baseball coach or a physics professor for more info.Usually a wooden bat, but aluminum bats hit faster, which is why I was almost decapitated before my time a few weeks ago.they think the aluminum would hit farther because a wooden bat would not hold up as goodthat's right an aluminum bat hits so far that the major leagues don't even use them trust meAluminum bat hits faster but i also think a aluminum bat would hit farther too because the aluminum bat is lighter and the faster you swing the farther it goes.

Where can you buy an aluminum baseball bat?

Any type of sport store you can get an aluminum bat for baseball or you can go to Walmart

If you hit a basreball with a aluminum bat how far will it go?

It really depends on what kind of aluminum bat, how strong you are, how fast the ball is traveling, and how fast your bat is traveling.

Wood bat versus aluminum bat?

Aluminum bats last longer and the ball flies farther. These days you can get an aluminum bat for less than $50. It's not as good as the higher end bats ($199+), but it's better than wood. Go with aluminum.

How do you fix a cracked aluminum bat?

Fixing a cracked aluminum bat is not a good idea, because of safety. There are many ways to patch the crack, but never restore the integrity of the bat. You can use aluminum patch (comes in a tube, like glue). That will fill the crack and make the bat appear like new, but it will never have the same characteristics. I saw a patched aluminum shatter once -- it was not a pleasant experience for the batter or catcher. If you crack an aluminum bat, I strongly recommend you throw it away and get a new bat.

What bat hits the farthest a corked bat or a aluminum?

Aluminum. Corking a bat reduces the collision. A ball travels further with an uncorked wooden than a corked wooden.

Can you hit a baseball further with a wood or aluminum bat?

With an aluminum bat the ball travels farther than with a wooden bat the metal bat also has a larger exit speed witch is why it's illegal in the MLB.

Which type of baseball bat will make the ball go farther a wooden bat or an aluminum bat?

wood bat

Who made the aluminum baseball bat?

The first patent for an aluminum bat was by William Shroyer in 1924 but they are not made until the 1970's. In the 1960's, Anthony Merola made prototypes for them and he started a small aluminum bat manufacturing business.

What type of bat will make a ball go farther a wooden aluminum or plastic bat and why?

Aluminum because you can stuff it with newspaper and marbles.

Will a wooden bat hit a ball farther than a aluminum bat?