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Most people would prefer a aluminum bat as you can hit the ball further with an aluminum bat with the help of the strength of the aluminum.

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Q: What kind of bat do people prefer the most?
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What kind of baseball bat does Alex Rodriguez prefer?

Louisville C271

What is the bets kind of softball bat?

I prefer easton bats (synergy and stealth) but theses bats are expensive

What kind of bat is there the most of?

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How does the -10 on a softball bat reflect on hitting?

Kind of . Not necessarily . That number is the difference between the length of the bat and the weight . the larger the number, the faster the bat may be swung. I prefer to use a -11 personally . It's great bat speed.

What kind of trees is used to make a baseball bat?

Hickory most common

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On a wood bat i prefer just pine tar, but on an aluminum bat i like hockey tape (i just like the feel of it better than bat tape). Hope this helps you.

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What is the weight of sachin tendulkar bat?

Earlier, he used to play with a 3 pounds 2 ounces bat, but now I prefer a slightly lighter one. Earlier, he used to play with a 3 pounds 2 ounces bat, but now I prefer a slightly lighter one.

What are three adaptations of a bat?

Depending on what kind of bat it is. Is it bb core or wood bat or is it like aluminum?

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