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No it does not

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Q: Does a wood bat have a bigger sweet spot than an aluminum bat?
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Would a wooden or metal hit a baseball farther?

It depends on how the ball is hit. Metal, or aluminum bats, have a larger sweet spot. A sweet spot is the place on the bat where it is possible to hit the ball with the most power and control. On wooden bats, the sweet spot is smaller than on aluminum bats, but the sweet spot is denser, and will give you more power. However, this is a generalization. Certain types of wood have different sweet spots, for example, maple bats have bigger and softer sweet spots than ash bats. Also, certain types of metal are different. Overall, wood bats can hit a ball farther, but it is harder to hit with a wood bats' full power.

Why does an aluminum bat hit a baseball farther than a wooden bat?

One difference is the sweet spot size. On a wood bat the sweet spot is about 3 inches. On an aluminum bat it is about doubled. Another reason is that the way wood bats are made, they don't get as much pop as an aluminum. I personally like swinging wood more aluminum because you have to swing harder with wood, which would eventually allow you to hit the ball farther with aluminum.

Is Neptune's dark spot bigger than Jupiter's spot?


Is xenon bigger than aluminum?

Yes, it is.

Do aluminum bats have larger sweet spots than wooden bats?


Which vibrates more wood or metal bats?

Vibration in baseball bats comes from hitting the ball outside the sweet spot. Hitting the ball on the tip or handle will sting. Aluminum probably stings worse than wood but it depends on the bat, a solid aluminum will be worse than wood, but a hollow aluminum bat will be better than wood. There are many 2 piece bats on the market like the connexion by easton that are designed to prevent sting

Which baseball bat is better wood or aluminum?

alumiun bats are better because they are hollow and because they have a bigger sweet spot than wood another reason is that they bend then use the momentum to "smack" that bal out of there the power in and alumiun bat is about 15% more then that of a wooden bat... but i personal like the swing of a wooden bat the weight seems to be more towards the end of the bat and swings it self also, the aluminum bats gets weaker each time it hits the ball and the wood gets stronger. GET DA ALUMINUM IT BETTER

What and Where are the multiple sweet spots on a baseball bat?

The sweet spot is the area near the top of the bat where, when hit will go farther than most hits.

What does cor and pounds mean on a fast-pitch softball?

Cor is the center of the softball. And there are different size cor's in softballs. (.40,.44,.47) The cor is the sweet spot on the ball....much like a bat has a sweet spot a ball does too. The bigger the cor (.47) the bigger the sweet spot. If a ball has a big sweet spot it is easier to make solid contact with that ball. With a smaller cor (.40) the sweet spot is smaller and harder to make solid contact. Compression (or lbs) is used to show how tight a softball is. Meaning that a ball that has been hit a lot has kind of become "Mushy" or it sounds kind of dead. Well a ball that has a high compression (ex. 500lb) is very tight and very alive and will pop off the bat instead of sounding dead. There are a variety of compressions (375lb - 500lb) and it depends on what type of ball you are looking for in your league. A high cor (.47) and high compression (500 lb) should travel farther and faster than smaller cor and compression softballs.

How many earth's can fit into Neptune's great dark spot?

About over 20 Earths. Because it is bigger than the Great Red Spot.

What is the size range of the great red spot?

Its bigger than the earth thats all

Is the great red spot on Jupiter bigger than the earth?

yes , about 3 times .

How many times bigger than earth is Jupiter's red spot?

it is about twice in size

How big is Jupiter's great red spot?

It's three times bigger than earth

How Big is Jupiters Great Red Spot?

It's three times bigger than earth

Is 0.16 bigger than 0.06?

yes 0.16 has a 1 after the . but 0.06 has a zero in the tenths spot

Compare conductivity of iron copper and aluminum in terms of electricity.?

When compared by volume, copper is best, then aluminum and finally iron. When compared by weight, aluminum is better than copper. You have to compare by volume because aluminum is so much lighter than copper, an aluminum wire that weighed the same as a copper wire would be much bigger and harder to work with.

If you spot someone training barefoot at a gym why is it likely it's a guy then and not a girl?

Usually men are stronger, bigger, and more muscular than women are. This helps men spot easier than women.

Do baseball hall of famers sign a different area of a baseball than regular players?

Individually signed baseballs usually have the autograph on the sweet spot; the shortest distance between two seams. This location on the baseball is the most preferred by collectors because it is centered as to the point of view, and pleasing to the eye when displayed. The other "sweet spot" is were the manufacturing stamping is placed on the ball. The "sweet spot" on team signed baseballs are typically reserved for the manager of the team, or and the teams most popular player. The choice of the player that signs the "sweet spot" can effect the value of the baseball. Because the "sweet spot" is the most pleasing way to display the baseball, the collector will want to display a player of note such as a Hall of Fame player as the center piece of the baseball. If the "sweet spot" was signed by a less popular player, and the player of note signed on another spot that cannot be viewed when the "sweet Spot" is displayed, a collector is more apt to pay less for it. The player of note on the "sweet spot" will be more desired, and will bring a higher price when sold. When acquiring multi-autographs on one baseball keep in mind that the first player you approach will sign the "sweet spot" first Hall of Famer or not. Asking a less desired player not to sign the "sweet spot" might hurt his ego, and could land up handing you the baseball back either signed on the "sweet spot" or not signed at all. Turning down a player when the opportunity is there is not wise as well. Have a "sweet plan" before you start.

What is Jupiter's atmosphere?

Jupiter's atmosphere is bigger than earth and has a great big red spot on it's planet.

What has the author Madeline Riley written?

Madeline Riley has written: 'A spot bigger than God'

What keeps things cooler plastic wrap or aluminium foil?

aluminum foil is better at blocking temperature from getting out than plastic wrap. the atoms in the element aluminum are bigger and have more neutrons/electrons and protons than the elements in plastic wrap.

Are the bonds between iron and oxygen stronger than the bonds between aluminum and oxygen?

Both ions of Iron(2+ and 3+) are bigger than the Aluminum ion. Therefore, the bond length between the Iron ion and the Oxygen ion is longer than that between Aluminum and Oxygen. Longer bond length means weaker ionic bond. Therefore, the answer to your question is NO.

What bat hits farther for distance wood or aluminum?

This is a difficult question to answer. Most of the wood bat baseball every day people see is played by professional players. These players have the ability to hit the ball much farther and harder than almost any high school and college players who use aluminum. There are a few instances where MLB players have swung a metal bat in practice. During said practice, there have been many "tape measure shots" hit. However, my guess is none of these are documented. My personal belief is there is a much larger "trampoline effect" in the aluminum bat, but the sweet spot is easier to find. In a wood bat, the sweet spot is smaller, yet sweeter. Again, this is not based on any scientific tests or data, rather personal experience of a standout high school and college player.

What size wire is needed for 800 amp service?

Loaded question, what is the voltage, run length, aluminum or copper feeders, expected constant load? Definitely bigger than 4/0