What is a 5k mile run?

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3.1 miles

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Q: What is a 5k mile run?
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What is the 5k race?

a 5k race is acually a 3.1 mile run. Yes, it includes the extra 10th of a mile.

If you run a 5k in 25.48 minutes how fast is that per mile?

About 7.9 minutes per mile.

How do you run the last mile of your 5k?

I think if you are a fast runner I think you should sprint half and jog half your last mile.

What is the fastest 3.5 mile run?

I'm not sure what the fastest 3.5 mile run ever is, but i do know the fastest 5k ever is a 12.37.35 by Kenenisa Bekele (Ethiopia) on May 31, 2004.'s-fastest-5k-running -time

How far is a 5k run in miles?

A 5k run is 3.1 miles

How many miles is a 5K run?

A 5K run is a distance of 3.11 miles.

Who has the Fastest 3 mile time?

I don't know but I'm a ten year old girl and can run a 6 minute 36 mile and a 5k in 26 minutes.

What is the fastest time for a 3 mile run?

well the men's world record for the 5k (about 3 + 1/8 mile) is 12:37.35 womens is 14:11.15

What is the fastest 3 mile run?

I think what you mean is 5k 5000 meters = 3.1 miles The 5000m record is 12:37.35.

How do you improve your tree mile time for cross country?

Practice practice practice. The more and longer you run, the better your 5k time will be.

How long should it take to run 5k?

If you're talking about the actual time it takes to physically run a 5k (and not how long it would take to train for one), it's about 30 minutes. 5k is around 3.1 miles, so if you average 10 minutes per mile, it's 30 minutes total.

Is a 5-km run or a 5-mile run longer?

A 5k is about 3.5 or so miles, so if you've ever been to kindergarten you can figure it out pretty easy.

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