What is Michael Phelps personal best at swimming?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Q: What is Michael Phelps personal best at swimming?
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What countries are best at the swimming Olympics?

Australia is the best America ; we got Michael phelps.

What was the goal of Michael Phelps?

To win eight golds in a single olympics- but mostly to do his personal best.

Who is the best swimmer of all time?

Michael Phelps

What is Michael Phelps best 100m freestyle time?

100m freestyle Michael phelps 46.65 seconds

Who is the best Olympic Swimmer?

Michael Phelps.

Who is best swimmer?

MICHAEL PHELPS all the way

Why is Michael Phelps the best?

Because he practices everyday.

Why is Michael Phelps a leader?

he is the best swimmer in the world

Who were the best olympic swimers?

Michael Phelps DUHHH

What is Michael Phelps' best stroke?

I think freestyle

How did Michael Phelps become a swimmer?

The reason Michael Phelps actually became a swimmer because his older sisters Hilary and Whitney were swimming all the time and so naturally Phelps followed the family tradition and it turned out he was better than either of his older sisters. It was not because he had a perfect body alignment because 9/10 the most successful swimmers in the world are not built for swimming, but he succeeded in swimming because he had the most determination and probably the best coach in the world Bob Bowman.

Who are the best swimmer in the world?

I do believe Micheal Phelps is the best swimmer at swimming event's in the world.