Who is the best swimmer of all time?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Michael Phelps

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Micheal Phelps

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Q: Who is the best swimmer of all time?
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Who is the best woman swimmer and what stoke is she best at?

It depends on whether you are thinking of the best swimmer as the fastest swimmer or the best all-around swimmer. -The fastest 50m freestyle time is currently 23.97 by Libby Trickett. (October, 2008) -The best IM women swimmer is Stephanie Rice with a 2:08.45 in the 200m IM and a 4:29.43(?) in the 400m IM. (October, 2008)

Who is best swimmer?

MICHAEL PHELPS all the way

Which braided extensions hold best in water?

Wet n Wavy sew in. I'm a swimmer and use it all of the time.

Who is the world's best swimmer?

Micheal Phelps is the worlds best swimmer. He won 8 olympic golds in Athens, and also this year, 2008, in Bejing. No one has ever won this many medals before, in history. Many agree that he is the worlds best swimmer! before phelps, grant hackett was the best. Yet if you think about it Mark Spitz was the best swimmer of all time. That's because he swam the Olymics with no goggles unlike anyone post 1976.

Who are the best swimmer in the world?

I do believe Micheal Phelps is the best swimmer at swimming event's in the world.

Is a swimming seed time and a personal best time the same in swimming?

I am a swimmer, if you are talking about a best time at a previous meet...then yes that would probably be your seed time depending on if your coach would put you in at your best time. Hope that i helped! (:

Is Michael Phelps the world's best swimmer?

i believe hes a top American swimmer

How do you become the best swimmer?

Practice 10 times a week 2 hours each time with a registered coach.

Which ben10 hero is the best swimmer?

I'd say ripjaws[ because he's the only swimmer].

Who is the best Swiss swimmer?

As of 2014 the best swimmer from Switzerland is Dominik Meichtry. He holds six national records and was voted athlete of the year.

Who are the best swimmiers?

Michael Phelp is world's best swimmer

Who is the best swimmer 2012?

stephnie rice