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I do believe Micheal Phelps is the best swimmer at swimming event's in the world.

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โˆ™ 2010-11-04 10:08:21
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Q: Who are the best swimmer in the world?
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Is Micheal Phelps the best swimmer in the world?

At present we can say he is the best swimmer.

Is Michael Phelps the world's best swimmer?

i believe hes a top American swimmer

Who are the best swimmiers?

Michael Phelp is world's best swimmer

Why is Michael Phelps a leader?

he is the best swimmer in the world

Who is the best women swimmer in the world?

Nek Minnit

Who is the best lady swimmer in the world?

This is an opinion, but I've always liked Natalie Coughlin as a swimmer. Her technique is great and her times are fast, too.

Is the blue marlin the fastest swimmer in the world?

No, the blue marlin is not the fastest swimmer in the world. The fastest swimmer is the sailfish.

Who are famous swimmers?

Micheal's best male butterflyer Natalie Coughlin...World's best female backstroker Kitajima...World's fastest Japanese swimmer Ryan Lochte...World's hottest swimmer when his hair is short 8p Missy Franklin...World's fastest 15 year old

Who is the best swimmer in the world?

Overall many people would have to agree Michael Phelps (USA) is definitely the fastest swimmer in the world but their are others like Brenton Rickard (AUS) in breaststroke and the Brazilian swimmer Cesar Cielo who is definitely along side him in the Butterfly 50m.

Who is the Best Girl swimmer in the World?

Well...I think it is my best friend Bridget O'Malley she is always in 1st and 2nd and 3rd.

Who is the best woman swimmer and what stoke is she best at?

It depends on whether you are thinking of the best swimmer as the fastest swimmer or the best all-around swimmer. -The fastest 50m freestyle time is currently 23.97 by Libby Trickett. (October, 2008) -The best IM women swimmer is Stephanie Rice with a 2:08.45 in the 200m IM and a 4:29.43(?) in the 400m IM. (October, 2008)

Who is the most famous swimmer in the world?

The current famous swimmer is, Michael Phelps

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