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Alex Rodriquez is known for Baseball and he is the most paid player in history.(100 mil)

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โˆ™ 2009-06-21 23:08:15
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Q: What is A-Rod famous for?
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Who is name starts with an a and famous?

arod or adam sandler

Is it arod or aroid?

its is arod

Who is better Arod or puljos?

Arod is a better all around player.

Has arod been traded yet?

Arod got traded once. From Texas to the Yankees.

Who better lance berkman or arod?

Even without steroids Arod is much better.

Was arod ever on the mets?

Yes,because some of you think Arod was always on the yanks but you are wrong.Arod was on the Mets.rangers, and the Malviners.

Will Arod beat Barry Bonds record for all-time home runs?

yes , if arod stays healthy

What month was arod born?


What is Alex Rodriguez's nickname a-rod?

yes it is arod.

How long has arod been a Yankee?

Since 2004.

How many people hate Arod?

OVER 9000!

Is Alex Rodriguez biracial?

No, Arod is 100% Dominican.

Did arod use steroids?

no he didnt he used banned vitamins

Is Michael Phelps on steriods?

No- you are getting him mixed up with Arod :)

Who plays 3rd base in the New York Yankees?


30 home runs for both the Yankees and rangers?


Who had the fewest at bats to reach 500 home runs?


Alex Rodriguez Go Away-Rod or Stay-Rod?

arod's on drugs! arod's on drugs! i knew it from the beggining. take that new york! but i think they should just let him go because he used steroids.

How many hits did ARod get in 2006?

A-rod had 166 hits in 2006.

Who makes the most money in MLB?

Team = Yankees Player = Arod

What did William Shakespeare do before he became a playwright?

He was a business man you arod

When did arod join the Yankees?

Alex Rodriguez's first year with the Yankees was in 2004.

Who are The New York Yankees right handed batters with 40 home runs in a season?

Only 2--Joe DiMaggio and ARod. Joe D only did it once, hitting 46 in 1937, and ARod twice, hitting 48 in 2005 and 54 in 2007.

Will Arod play for the Red Sox?

== == most likely not ---- If they pay him enough to leave the Yankees

How many home runs has arod hit in 2009?

4 home runs in 2009