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OVER 9000!

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How many people hate

Not that many people hate it. But a lot of people do not use it.

How many people hate taylor lautner?

Many people love him and many people hate him. Mostly girls like him. mostly boys hate him.

Who is better Arod or puljos?

Arod is a better all around player.

Why do people hate hate Justin Bieber?

many people do not hate hate him but dislike his songs and singing

How many people hate

A lot of people hate

Who better lance berkman or arod?

Even without steroids Arod is much better.

Has arod been traded yet?

Arod got traded once. From Texas to the Yankees.

How many hits did ARod get in 2006?

A-rod had 166 hits in 2006.

How many people hate Halloween?

1 out of 15 people hate halloween

Who is famous but a lot of people hate?

Many people hate Justin Bieber.

How many people hate Beyonce?

There has never been an official survey as to how many people hate Beyonce.

How many people hate sports?

it is impossible to hate sports

How many people hate Pokemon?

i don't know but i hate Pokemon

How many people hate WikiAnswers?

I don't think much people do, I hate it myself (sometimes).

How many people over the world hate Miley Cyrus?

lots of people hate her she is mean

Why do people hate caillou?

Many people hate Caillou because they find him whiny and annoying.

How many people in the world hate the lakers?

more people than the people that hate the other nba teams.

How many people hate Selena Gomez Jonas brothers and demi lavotoi do?

How many people hate Selena Gomez? Answer: around 0 million or more. How many people hate The Jonas Brother? Answer: around 8 million or more. How many people hate Demi Lovato? Answer: around 0 million or more.

How many people hate emani?

you do

How many people hate you?

Lots and lots of people

How many home runs has arod hit in 2009?

4 home runs in 2009

Will Arod beat Barry Bonds record for all-time home runs?

yes , if arod stays healthy

Why people hate KFC?

Some people hate KFC because they dislike the food. Other people hate the fast food place for many other reasons.

Why do people hate Israelis?

People tend to hate anyone who is different than they are. This is where many of the worlds problems stem from. As for why people hate others, we might never find out.

How many people hate giant pandas?

only those who are scared of them hate them