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Q: What happens when someone on your team double dribbles what is the penalty in basketball?
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What is a layup in basketball?

when someone dribbles up to the net, takes 2 steps and then shoots the ball (usally in the top right corner of the backboard). by a random guy.

What happens if you kick someone at the shin during a soccer game?

you get a penalty foul and potential yellow card

How many yards is penalty for tackling NFL player by the hair?

If A Person tackles someone in someone's hair then it's usual a face mask call. It probably will be 15 yard penalty if it happens. ANSWER: A player's hair is considered an extension of his uniform. So if he's tackled by his hair, there's no penalty.

What is death penalty?

Death penalty is when someone did a serious crime

What happens if someone you are with is in possession of marijuana?

Depending on your state, most of the time you will have the same penalty (possession of mj usually mild) as the user.

What is basketball player?

A basketball players is someone who plays basketball. What did you think? If you don't know what basketball is ask someone because they will know. :)

When golfing you hit someone's golf bag who incurs the penalty?

when you hit someone else golf bag with with your golf ball what is the penalty

If someone playing football puts the football in their pants and runs what penalty will be called?

There is no penalty for that

What is carrying basketball?

when someone runs holding the Basketball

What is β€œcarry” in basketball?

when someone runs holding the Basketball

What is carry in basketball?

when someone runs holding the basketball

If someone kicks you in football is it a penalty in the box?

It is a direct free kick, or a penalty kick if a defender kicks an attacker in the defender's penalty area.

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