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The player who played the shot loses the point.

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Q: What happens if the ball hits the roof in table tennis?
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What happens if the ball in table tennis hits the out of bounds area of the net and goes over?

It counts as your point.

When the ball hits the white line when served in table tennis is it in?


How do you score in table tennis?

In table tennis, you score if one of 5 things happens. 1. Your opponent hits the ball out (off the table). 2. Your opponent does not hit the ball over the net. 3. Your opponent hits the ball before it bounces. 4. Your opponent does not hit the ball if it bounces twice. 5. Your opponent does not serve the right way after 2 tries.

What is the net ball in table tennis?

Net ball is called "Let" in table tennis. A Let occurs when a served ball hits the net and lands on the opponents side of the table. There is no penalty, the server just serves again.

How do you score table tennis?

To get a point in table you either have to hit the ball in and the other opponent doesn't hit it or the other person hits it and without the ball bouncing on the table, the ball doesn't hit the table.Hope this helped!Enjoy your played-correctly table tennis!

In table tennis if the ball hits the edge and bounses of at an angle is the point awarded?

In that case, the point is rewarded to the person that hit the ball.

Are you allowed lets in table tennis?

Yes... each time the ball hits the net, on serve, and hits the other side, it is a let.

In table tennis if the ball hits the net and goes over on a serve is it in?

No, it is not in play. That is called a "Let Ball", the server does not receive a penalty and reserves.

What happens if the table tennis ball hits a player past the end of the table?

If the ball has already passed over the playing surface and it's obviously not going to hit the table, it doesn't matter. The player who is hit still wins the point. But if a player hits/volleys/touches the ball whilst it's still travelling over or towards the playing surface he would lose the point.

In tennis if the ball hits the line is it in or out?

If the ball hits any part of the line it's in

What causes a tennis ball or a coin to spin?

When the ball hits the tennis racket, topspin (preffered stroke of tennis) makes the ball spin. The upward motion of the racket hitting the tennis ball.

What happens in tennis if a ball hits a pole and lands in on the other side of the net?

The ball is still in play as if it hit the net but went on the other side.

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